God of Slaughter – Chapter 1569


God of Slaughter – Chapter 1569

Chapter 1569: Vie for the Territory Souls!

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Soul Clan’s territory.

A bright passage that was like a bridge to heaven crossed the sky and ran directly to the green sea of the Soul Clan.

The Soul Refining Cauldron hovered like a massive mountain and released terrifying soul energy. Countless brutal souls screamed and flew out of the cauldron, chasing and killing the Soul Clan experts by the green sea.

Audrey put on a cold face and urged her power. She attacked the others together with Ming Hao, Adele, and the Imperial Dark Tribe warriors.

The Soul Clan warriors had to retrieve their soul altars to counter Audrey’s team, which loosened their sealing formation. When they recognized the changed situation, it was too late. They all looked petrified when a space passage emerged in the sky.

Right after that, they saw Mei Ji lead the Phantom Clan riding the platinum war chariots. They swarmed in like a cloud of grasshoppers.

While they were desperate, another space passage appeared. Skull islands flew out and carried so many warriors of the White Bone Clan. Without Serene Prison to guard the place and the presence of the elite force of the Soul Clan, they didn’t have the power to resist three intruding forces.

Shi Yan appeared after a flash. Standing by Aimar, he saw the Phantom Clan, White Bone Clan, and the warriors from Cloud Mist Territory slaughter the land. He knew creature here would have to endure a bloody catastrophe. The Soul Clan’s foundation was going to be destroyed shortly.

"Territory souls!"

Audrey suddenly screamed. She hurried to retrieve her Soul Refining Cauldron. Under the protection of the seven brutal souls, she flew toward a mountain range far away.

Deep in that mountain range emitted an evil and cold aura that proved that it was the prison confining some terrifyingly evil souls.

The territory souls were the top treasure that the Soul Clan had refined with secret techniques. Those souls could enhance the warriors greatly. One territory soul could help a Third Sky of Immortal Realm expert reach Territory Ancestor Realm shortly.

Audrey had tamed Singh’s brutal souls and the Soul Refining Cauldron. Afterward, she knew how precious the territory souls were. Feeling that evil aura, she hurried to come and harvest the treasures.

Shi Yan was surprised when she left hurriedly. He squinted to sense.

He found three formidable souls hidden in that mountain range. He was surprised that they could gather and refine pure soul energy. Although they were at the Territory Ancestor Realm, those souls didn’t have a clear consciousness, which made them vulnerable and easy to be absorbed.

The energy of those three souls wasn’t less than the warriors like Ferrell; they were even purer.

He believed that after Audrey took the three territory souls, she could break through to the Territory Ancestor Realm fast.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several silhouettes moved agilely behind Audrey and headed to the mountain range that confined the territory soul.

Mei Ji, Ling Lu, Aimar, and the little skeleton of the White Bone Clan were going there. They were at the high echelon of the Phantom Clan and the White Bone Clan. They all knew how valuable the territory souls were. If Ling Lu absorbed a territory soul, she could reach the Territory Ancestor Realm soon. Similarly, the experts of the White Bone Clan could absorb the territory soul to reach the Territory Ancestor Realm.

The territory souls were more precious than the Immortal Realm. In this vast sea of stars, only the Soul Clan knew how to create territory souls.

To breed a territory soul, it required countless materials. Beside many brutal souls to support, the experts needed to erase the territory soul original consciousness.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Shadows gathered by the three brown peaks, which were several thousand meters high. The mountain flanks fumed black smokes and mist that hid the wailing ghosts and crying souls.

They were food or some sort of materials to breed the territory souls by giving them energy continuously.

Audrey, Mei Ji, Ling Lu, and Aimar arrived. Except for the three brown mountains, there were more natural mountains and rivers in the area that were the storages where the Soul Clan kept cultivating materials, including divine crystals, precious gemstones, pellets, weapons, armors, and many strange and rare items that the Soul Clan had plundered and accumulated for years.

As Aimar came, her eyes brightened. She said lovingly, "Honey, you need a territory soul. It can help you enter the Territory Ancestor Realm."

The little skeleton nodded excitedly.

"I need one territory soul to reach the Territory Ancestor Realm!" Ling Lu was also stirred up and she turned to Mei Ji, "If you help me take one territory soul, even if you want the Chief position, I will do my best to help you."

Audrey who was about to collect the souls changed her face when she saw Mei Ji and Aimar. She looked enraged too.

Shortly, Ming Hao, Adele, and the Imperial Dark Tribe warriors gathered when they noticed the commotion.

"What’s going on?" Ming Hao was skeptical.

"The territory souls can help the experts at Third Sky of Immortal Realm break through to Territory Ancestor Realm. This place has tree territory souls!" explained Mei Ji.

Ming Hao and Adele’s eyes brightened. Immediately, they went to Audrey’s side and tried to vie for the territory souls.

Shi Yan was watching from a distance. Seeing the internal war about to come, reluctantly, he had to fly toward them. Pitching his voice, he said, "There are three territory souls. Our Cloud Mist Territory will take one. One for the Phantom Clan and one for the White Bone Clan. Let’s do that soon. Otherwise, when the MK knows, I’m afraid they will come and vie for one too."

"I have no idea. I’ve reached the Territory Ancestor Realm. I just want one for my baby," Aimar pointed at the little skeleton."

"Just do that then," Mei Ji agreed.

"Shi Yan!" Ming Hao hissed, "If we get three territory souls, we will have three more Territory Ancestors!" He had recently considered himself Shi Yan’s subordinate. Knowing the power of the territory souls, he couldn’t help but vie for them. "I don’t need it. I can reach the Territory Ancestor Realm soon. However, it’s not easy for Xuan He and Frederick. If we have the territory souls, it will be much easier…"

"Why do you have to do that?" Ling Lu screamed, "We even gave you Cloud Mist Territory. What else do you want? Don’t be so greedy!" Seeing Ming Hao ask for more territory soul, she was outraged. She wanted to battle Ming Hao immediately.

"Shi Yan, my child needs a territory soul. I’m begging you," said Aimar.

They all looked at Shi Yan because they knew that his opinion mattered. Because of his power, they came to this area.

"I said that each party shall take a territory soul. Just do it that way." Shi Yan pondered and then said to Ming Hao. "Don’t worry. I’m sure that Xuan He and Frederick will have a chance to break through soon. As I am here, of course, the fellows who have escaped from Desolate Territory with me won’t be mistreated."

Ming Hao contemplated and he knew that it would make the White Bone Clan and the Phantom Clan turn their backs to them if he was too stubborn. He agreed eventually.

"As the White Bone Clan and the Phantom Clan are from the Seven Great Clans, you’ve accumulated a lot of goods and materials for thousands of years. We’re different. We didn’t have many assets when we came here from Desolate Territory. Thus, I hope you guys will let us choose more cultivating materials from those storages," Shi Yan turned to talk to Mei Ji and Aimar.

"Of course," Aimar beamed.

"I just need a territory soul. I don’t care about other things. I think Mei Ji is on your side. Thus, it won’t be a big problem," Ling Lu said with a smile.

"If you say so, can I not agree?" Mei Ji forced a smile as Shi Yan was watching her.

"Okay, let’s share it like that. Each of us takes a territory soul. My people will choose the resources inside those mountain ranges first. We will take a little more," Shi Yan grinned.

"I’m going to break the barriers outside first to let Emperor Sea Shark’s team enter. Otherwise, they will have to stay out there," said Audrey.

She was holding the Soul Refining Cauldron. Although it was the first time she came to the Soul Clan, she knew many of their secrets.

She turned into a flow of dark air and entered a massive mountain range far from them. Shortly after, the mountains over there began to roar. As soon as the roaring arose, dozens of peaks around shook hard and shot tens of thousands of secret seals and symbols to the sky.

A faint light pierced through the thick layer of clouds and covered the entire Soul Clan’s territory. Many ghosts, killing spirits, and Yin bodies fell from the sky as those mountains were sucking them in.

Shortly after, Emperor Sea Shark’s laughter came from the sky. Many warriors from Desolate Territory landed excitedly.

There were Feng Han of Fighting League, Ling Xin, Azure Dragon, DeCarlos, Sha Zhao of the Gu God Sect and more. They had been waiting outside for a long time.

"This way!"

"Ha ha ha".

Xuan He laughed and turned into a blood light beam. He zoomed toward Audrey and Adele fast. Emperor Sea Shark also took Shen Ren and his subordinates, flying to them.

"I can’t believe we can enter the treasuries today! When Neptune chased after me that year, I had left to go to Sea Domain of Nihility and I thought that I would never be able to return." Emperor Sea Shark sighed emotionally when he observed the mountain ranges underneath. He knew what he got today couldn’t be separated from Shi Yan’s favor.

"I have never thought that I could show my talents one day in this Sea Domain of Nihility. Previously, we were just frogs under the coconut shell. We thought that Desolate Territory was an endless universe. And now, we know it’s right to leave Desolate Territory. Otherwise, we could have been reduced to ashes now…"

Gu Te of the Brutal Dragon Tribe landed with Bath. Looking at the experts underneath, they sighed emotionally.

"Dig those mountains!" Emperor Sea Shark suggested.

Shi Yan gave him a faint smile, nodded.

Massive sabers were conjured and slashed the mountains. The rock cracked easily as if they were peeled off. Shi Yan controlled the sabers precisely to cut the rocky flanks of the mountains.

Soon, the dazzling lights radiated from a mountain. So many crystals and gemstones with amazing energies of different attributes were revealed.

They saw so many massive cauldrons inside a mountain. Many among the countless number of cauldrons over there had created independent spaces. Some transparent cauldrons contained tens of thousands of smaller pellet bottles with name tags and descriptions.

Shi Yan continued to slash open the mountains. More and more treasures were exposed. Cultivating materials piled up and filled the mountains. Exquisite, blinding bright sets of armors were arranged neatly. Books and scriptures in different languages were stashed with original books of magical power Upanishads inheritances. They even saw the star nuclei and spirit trees that had almost gone extinct.

They were breathless, their eyes bulging and their faces hot with greed.

"We’re going to be super rich! Haha!"

"The Soul Clan is too fierce. The number of precious treasures they’ve collected can reach an astronomical figure! These things are enough to make a small clan grow fast within tens of thousands of years!"

"If Serene Prison knew we were here, I think his soul altar will explode in his extreme anger!"

After a while, they laughed crazily and plunged to the exposed treasuries like a pack of hungry wolves.