Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 1617


Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 1617

Chapter 1617: Guiding Luo Xuanqing

Chapter Translator: StarveCleric  Editor: Millman97

Traveling through the spatial rift, Luo Qiqi returned to her room in the Luo Clan.

She had thought that the heavens had answered her prayers, and she had waited in anticipation for the blissful life that the world had promised her to arrive. No one could have expected such an outcome.

Yet, by some bizarre working of fate, the deep fluctuations in her emotions ended up becoming the catalyst that further assimilated the Dimension Silencer together with her, granting her greater control over it.

It was at that moment that the crowd from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers arrived. She had been in the midst of comprehending the powers of the Dimension Silencer, so she could not afford to head to the square as well. However, by the time she was done, the problem was already settled. Thus, she tore a spatial rift open to catch up with those aggressors so as to teach them a lesson.

No matter what, she was still a member of the Luo Clan. She could not do nothing when it had been oppressed by some other power.

Watching the inauguration ceremony outside through her Spiritual Perception, a slight relieved smile emerged on her face as she thought, That Luo Tianya is indeed a genius. Despite not possessing the Dimension Silencer, he still managed to comprehend the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing… With him around, the Luo Clan will be in safe hands. Whether I am around or not won’t make much of a difference anymore…

Despite being a victim in the earlier incident as well, she knew that she had to take some responsibility for the huge setback that the Luo Clan had suffered. She would have to shoulder the burden of propping up the Luo Clan, at least until it was back on track… But at a time like this, Luo Tianya suddenly appeared, and there was no longer anything to worry about.

"Since that’s the case, I want to pursue the happiness that belongs to me!" Luo Qiqi muttered with resolve as she stood up.

All along, she had lived her life passively. She had simply walked down the pathway that those around her guided her onto, and even when it came to a matter as important as her marriage, she had never tried to fight back or protest at all.

But right now, she was already exhausted from living such a life. She did not want to continue living her life so passively, trudging down a road that others had paved out for her. She wanted to pursue what she wanted!

So what if Luo laoshi was around?

She, Luo Qiqi, would not lose out to anyone. Since Luo laoshi was able to win Zhang shi’s heart, she was confident that she would be able to do the same!

As soon as she made this decision, the pressure that had squeezed her heart so tightly that it suffocated her suddenly vanished. An unprecedented feeling of relaxation coursed through her body.

Recalling the words that her teacher had said to her when he left, a slight smile appeared on the young lady’s face. She walked out of the room and dashed into the air, swiftly vanishing from sight.


"This is the method to comprehending the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing. You should quickly go through it right now. If there’s any portion you don’t understand, feel free to ask me. I’ll help you decipher it!"

In a spacious room, Zhang Xuan tapped his finger and imprinted the cultivation technique manual of the simplified Heaven’s Path Spatial Sealing Art into Luo Xuanqing’s mind.

Since the reason he had gone to the Luo Clan was to compensate them, he would help them wherever possible.

However, it was unfortunate that no one except for him was able to cultivate the true Heaven’s Path Spatial Sealing Art, so he could only alter it a little before passing it on to the Luo Clan. As for how much of it Luo Xuanqing would be able to make sense of, that would depend on his own aptitude and capability.

Going through the new knowledge that had just been transferred over to his mind, Luo Xuanqing could not help but tremble in agitation, and he quickly kneeled onto the floor and exclaimed, "Thank you, Teacher!"

As one of the core members of the Luo Clan, he had accessed the full heritage of the Luo Clan’s spatial arts, but with just a quick scan through Luo Tianya’s heritage, it became apparent to him that the Luo Clan’s spatial art heritage was incredibly shallow.

It was like a small pond before a hulking ocean.

To pass down such a formidable cultivation technique without any reservation… This was a debt that Luo Xuanqing might never be able to repay in his entire life!

"Like I have said, I’m not your teacher…" Zhang Xuan quickly rushed forward to help Luo Xuanqing up.

Somehow, it just felt wrong to him to have Luo Xuanqing kneeling before him.

"The cultivation technique that you have just imparted to me is of unimaginable value. Teacher, I ask of you to accept me as your student! Otherwise, I fear to practice such a formidable technique!" Luo Xuanqing exclaimed.

"This… Alright then!" Seeing that Luo Xuanqing was insistent on the matter, Zhang Xuan could only nod in agreement.

Lineage was extremely important in the Master Teacher Continent. There were some formalities that could not be disregarded, especially when a heritage was at stake.

Seeing that he had received the middle-aged man’s agreement, Luo Xuanqing hurriedly kneeled down once more, and just as he was about to kowtow, he suddenly heard a feminine voice by the doorway.

"After acknowledging Tianya as your teacher, you mustn’t use the knowledge you have learned against him. Otherwise, you’ll suffer a rebound in your cultivation. You should be aware of that, right?"

"Of course!" Luo Xuanqing nodded firmly.

While lineages were highly regarded on the Master Teacher Continent, there was still no lack of incidents where students betrayed their teachers. In order to ensure that such an incident would not happen among the master teachers, the Master Teacher Pavilion implemented the rule that if a master teacher used the knowledge that they had learned from their teacher against their teacher, they would suffer a rebound in their cultivation.

In order to enforce this rule, those who became master teachers would have to make such a vow under the supervision of the Master Teacher Pavilion.

"It’s good that you understand that!" Luo Ruoxin nodded.

"Rest assured. I, Luo Xuanqing, will never make a move against my teacher! If I ever do, before the rebound in my cultivation even happens, I’ll first cripple myself in repentance of my deed!" Luo Xuanqing declared majestically.

Luo Tianya was not only his elder, he was also someone who had unreservedly imparted the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing to him. He would really have to be a beast to attempt to harm someone who had helped him so much!

After saying those words, Luo Xuanqing stood up once more.

He still could not be considered Luo Tianya’s direct disciple yet, but connected by a common heritage, he could already be considered half a student.


The moment that Luo Xuanqing stood up, the Library of Heaven’s Path in Zhang Xuan’s mind jolted. A golden page had materialized in the Book of Heaven’s Path.

Perhaps it might have just been his imagination, but it seemed like it was getting harder and harder to trigger the formation of a golden page. It had not appeared for such a long time that he had nearly forgotten about it.

Luo Xuanqing spent the next few hours trying to comprehend the simplified Heaven’s Path Spatial Sealing Art. For portions that he was unable to comprehend, he wasted no time clarifying them with Luo Tianya. It was only when the sky lit up once more that he finally internalized everything.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Zhang Xuan said, "It’s good that you have managed to understand everything. Don’t rush things and cultivate carefully. You should be able to comprehend the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing within a single month!"

The simplified Heaven’s Path techniques were indeed not as easy and fast to cultivate as compared to the perfect versions. Nevertheless, with Zhang Xuan’s personal guidance, Luo Xuanqing should be able to avoid going on meaningless detours as a result of the few remaining flaws, so achieving a breakthrough within a month should still be possible.

"Thank you, Teacher!" Luo Xuanqing clasped his fist.

He began cultivating according to the method that his teacher had just imparted to him, and to his delight, his mastery of spatial arts advanced at a rate that he would have never thought possible before.

A thought came to his mind then, and he could not resist asking, "Teacher, may I know how long it took you to comprehend the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing?"

It was one thing for his teacher to be able to comprehend the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing, but his teacher had actually managed to create such a formidable cultivation technique as well.

Countless highly talented predecessors of the Luo Clan had devoted their lives to searching for a way to comprehend the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing, and Luo Xuanqing knew that even his talent could only be considered average compared to them. Yet, his teacher’s cultivation technique actually allowed him to comprehend the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing within just a single month.

Given so, just how masterful was his teacher’s command over space?

And how long did it take his teacher to comprehend the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing?

"Me?" Zhang Xuan was caught off guard by that abrupt question. "Let me think… I guess it should be roughly…"

At this point, Zhang Xuan paused for several seconds. "… this long. Yeah, about this long."

Luo Xuanqing was visibly confused for a moment before he understood what his teacher was getting at. In that instant, he could almost see his internal world collapsing. "Teacher, you mean to say that… you only took a few seconds?"

"I think so. I can’t remember exactly how long I took; it might have been a few seconds longer too. I couldn’t really feel the flow of time while I was cultivating…" Zhang Xuan stroked his lower jaw contemplatively.

Back then, the Dimensional Sand had impeded their way forward, so his attention had been fully channeled into comprehending the 4-dan Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel in order to freeze the Dimensional Sand in place.

Looking back, it did not seem like he had taken too long. Likely a few seconds at most.

"I…" Luo Xuanqing could not help but feel deep despair at the huge gap between him and his teacher.

He had thought that it was already a considerable feat for him to comprehend the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing within a month’s hard work, but his teacher’s inhuman feat had crushed all feeling of glee and satisfaction within him. To comprehend the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing within a few seconds…

The heck, are you still a human?

Seeing the look on Luo Xuanqing’s face, Zhang Xuan shook his head helplessly. "Hurry up and cultivate! You should try to achieve a breakthrough as soon as possible!"

I’m just stating the truth! Surely you need not be so traumatized by the truth, right?

"Yes, Teacher!" Knowing that his teacher was a figure whom he could not hope to match, Luo Xuanqing quietly reassured himself that he was still a sufficiently talented genius and took his leave.

Shortly after Luo Xuanqing left, Zhang Xuan went over to the main hall. With a bright gleam in his eyes, he asked Luo Ganzhen, "Are there any books in the clan detailing insights and methods to achieving a breakthrough to Great Sage? May I know where they are?"

It had been nearly a day since he had made a breakthrough to Saint 9-dan pinnacle, so it was about time for him to make another breakthrough!