Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 334


Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Guild Leader

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"We don’t know either? What does that mean?"

"I have no idea too!"

"It is said that answers to the Wall of Dilemma are appraised personally by 4-star masters… For ‘we don’t know either’ to appear, does that mean that… even 4-star physicians are unable to determine whether the answer Liu laoshi gave is correct?"

"That… can’t be true, right? If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean that Liu laoshi’s medical skill surpasses that of a 4-star physician?



Everyone stared at the wall before them dumbfounded.

The four words ‘we don’t know either’ left everyone faint-headed.

The ones on the other side of the Wall of Dilemma are 4-star physicians. And, even they are unable to determine whether the answer is correct or wrong…

The heck.

Liu laoshi, exactly what kind of answer did you give? Such that other side does not dare to reject it outright, even admitting its ignorance?

The corners of Physician Mu Hong’s lips twitched. He found himself swaying from side to side, unable to maintain his balance.

He thought he had imagined every circumstance possible, even that of five rays of orange light. Never in his wildest dreams had he expected that the other party would admit to… not knowing the answer!

Don’t know your head!

All of you are 4-star physicians! To speak of such words before so many people… Are you still in your right mind?


Before they could recover from their shock, the four words on the wall had faded and another line appeared.

"We will announce our judgement ten days later!"

These words disappeared slowly as well.

"Seems like… the other side is truly unsure. They will need to report to a higher level branch or look for a patient with Innate Muscular Deficiency in order to test out the treatment method!"

Even though it was said that the Wall of Dilemma was connected to the headquarter, this headquarter actually referred to another branch which was just a tier higher than that of the Tianwu Physician Guild branch. After all, the headquarter was a incomparably powerful, filled with 8-star to 9-star physicians. How can it possibly be connected to small place like Tianwu Kingdom Physician Guild?

It was just like how Zhang Xuan requested for a Unravel Yin Pill from the headquarter in the Tianxuan Kingdom Apothecary Guild back then. In truth, their communications had merely reached Tianwu Kingdom, and Apothecary Hong Yun was dispatched.

Otherwise, if everyone were to contact the headquarter for all random and miscellaneous matters, wouldn’t it die from exhaustion?

"We will give our judgement ten days later… So does it mean that he solved the question… or not?" The crowd was stunned.

"Even if he answered the last question wrongly, this Liu laoshi has already answered nineteen questions with a Perfect grade. He has already surpassed Guild Leader Mu Hong, making him… the new guild leader!"

Someone commented.

Everyone came to a realization.

So what if that fellow got the final question wrongly? The results had already far surpassed that of any previous guild leader!

Without a doubt, he had already become the new guild leader.

"However, wasn’t his purpose here the physician examination? If he doesn’t have a rank beforehand, what rank should he be assigned?"

Someone raised his doubt.

Suddenly, the entire room fell silent.

Indeed, if he doesn’t possess any rank as a physician from before, how should we handle this situation?

He was able to solve all of the questions on the Wall of Dilemma, even forcing 4-star physicians to admit their ignorance…

The level of mastery of his medical skill definitely far surpasses that of a 3-star, perhaps even reaching the level of a 5-star!

However… Since even the guild wasn’t able to evaluate such a high ranked physician, how can they issue such an emblem to him?

"Don’t worry, the answer will be out in ten days. Once the answer is determined, the headquarter will decide his rank personally, so we don’t have to worry too much!"

A 2-star physician said.

"Un!" The crowd nodded.

That made sense as well. This shouldn’t be a matter within their consideration. Given how the other party challenged the Wall of Dilemma and solved so many questions, even jotting down an answer beyond the understanding of 4-star physicians, this problem should be one for the headquarter to bear.

There wasn’t a need for them to think so much.


They were still discussing when the door to the Physician Hall opened and Zhang Xuan walked out.

Upon seeing the huge crowd gathered outside, and that all of the gazes were on him, Zhang Xuan was given a shock.

"What… is going on?"

He had merely taken a physician examination, why was there such a huge crowd, and why were all of them looking at him?

Glancing around, he finally found the leader of the guards and Ya Rou, and the hurried over, "Why is the examination different what you told me… So, have I passed the examination?"

According to their words, the physician examination should be no different from that of other occupations. Yet, after he went in, he didn’t see anyone, only a wall which kept posing questions to him.

It was completely different from what they said. It can’t be that I took the wrong examination? Will they fail me for this…

"Gu-guild leader, you are jesting…"

The leader of the guards trembled uncontrollably.

"Guild leader?" Zhang Xuan was stunned. He stared at the duo, and just he was about to ask them what they meant, more than a dozen of physicians with an emblem pinned on their chests walked over and clasped their fists, "Paying our respects to Guild Leader Liu!"

"Guild Leader Liu? What does this mean…" Zhang Xuan was dumbfounded. He had no idea what was going on.

It is just a physician examination… Why is everyone calling me guild leader? Did they eat something wrong this morning?

"Guild Leader Liu challenged the Wall of Dilemma and solved nineteen questions consecutively. As such, you have become the new leader of our Physician Guild!"

Physician Mu Hong stepped forward.

"New guild leader?"

Zhang Xuan blinked his eyes.

Becoming a guild leader just by answering a few questions? Isn’t this too much of a child’s play?

The others swiftly explained the situation to him, and upon comprehending what was going on, Zhang Xuan went speechless.

He had only intended to take the physician examination. Never in his dreams did he expect to cause such a huge commotion and become the guild leader of the Physician Guild…

Even so, everything had already happened, and there was nothing much he could do. Remembering the initial aim he had in mind coming to the Physician Guild, he turned to Ya Rou and asked, "Then… since I became the guild leader, do I have to right to purchase White Angelica Flower, Crimson-edged Leaf, Wolf Venom Grass… All of these medicinal herbs?"

"…" Ya Rou cried.

She had just said that the other party didn’t have the qualifications to purchase it, and he went on immediately to become the guild leader of the Physician Guild…

This face slap!

"Since you are the guild leader, of course you do have the qualifications to purchase these medicinal herbs. However, we don’t have all of the herbs you want here!"

Upon knowing about the entire situation, Mu Hong hesitated for a moment before explaining to the other party.

Physicians do utilize poison in their treatments, but it is extremely rare. While the guild had White Angelica Flower, Crimson-edged Leaf, and such medicinal herbs, it didn’t have the more potent poisonous medicinal herbs.

"Then… Bring me those that can be found here first!" Zhang Xuan said.

"Un!" Mu Hong replied and issued some instructions to Ya Rou. It didn’t take long for Ya Rou to return with a huge bag of medicinal herbs.

After taking a look, Zhang Xuan verified that all except two of the medicinal herbs he needed were inside.

"Goldleaf Spark Twig and Nine Worms Flower are lethal poison, so we don’t have any of them here. However… the Poison Hall will definitely have them!" Mu Hong said.

"Poison Hall?" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

Naturally, Zhang Xuan knew that the Poison Hall had them as well.

However, it would take him four to five days just for a to-and-fro trip to the Red Lotus City. On top of that, he would require an additional ten days to tread through the Red Lotus Range to arrive at and return from the Poison Hall. In total, the journey would would take at least half a month. By the time he returned, it would already be way past ten days.

"Right, I heard that Pavilion Master Jiang likes collecting valuable medicinal herbs. You might be able to find those two herbs from him!"

After hesitating for a moment, Mu Hong suddenly recalled something and said.

"Pavilion Master Jiang? Alright!"

Zhang Xuan nodded.

It might have been difficult for him to obtain those two valuable medicinal herbs from anyone else, but Pavilion Master Jiang… was his student! As long as he appeared before the other party as ‘Yang Xuan’, obtaining these two medicinal herbs shouldn’t be a problem at all.

"How much do all of these medicinal herbs cost?"

Keeping the medicinal herbs into his storage ring, Zhang Xuan asked.

"A total of fourteen million gold coins!" Mu Hong clasped his hand.

"Fourteen million gold coins?" Zhang Xuan was astounded.

He thought that it would only cost a few hundred thousand gold coin. For it add up to fourteen million gold coin, this was daylight robbery…

But considering that he was already the guild leader, it was impossible for the other party to lie to him blatantly in public. Thus, he could only hand over a huge wad of cash helplessly.

Ten million might be a huge sum, but Zhang Xuan accrued quite a substantial wealth back when he was still in Tianxuan Kingdom. As such, he was still able to bear with such expenditure.

"I still have matters to attend to so I’ll be leaving now. Physician Mu Hong, I will only serve as an honorary guild leader, so I’ll be depending on you to deal with the matters of the guild!"

Zhang Xuan only came here just to buy medicinal herbs. Since he had already achieved his goal, there was no need for him to remain here. Thus, he clasped his fist and bided farewell.


Everyone thought that the new guild leader would immediately attempt to conduct a reorganization of the entire guild. After all, most newly appointed leaders tended to flaunt their authority by trying to instill new changes to the organization. Yet, contrary to their expectations, the other party simply dumped everything on Physician Mu Hong and left. This left everyone dumbfounded.


Ignoring the bewildered gazes of the crowd, Zhang Xuan walked out of the Physician Guild. It didn’t take long before he disappeared from their sight.

He wasn’t interested in being a guild leader or whatsoever. His only goal at the moment was to successfully advance as a 2-star master teacher so as to gain the authority to look up the affairs of Empyrean Kong shi and find the solution to his Innate Fetal Poison.

There was nothing more important than this.

"What happened?"

After Zhang Xuan left, everyone was silent for a long time. At this moment, a perplexed elder suddenly walked into the guild.

"Physician Hu? You… aren’t at the Physician Hall?" Upon seeing the elder, the crowd froze in shock.

Physician Hu was the physician in charge of the physician examinations. How in the world was he only walking into the guild at this moment?

"I just went out for a moment. What’s going on?" Physician Hu had been away the entire time so he had no idea what was going on. He was just perplexed as to why such a huge crowd, not to mention, Guild Leader Mu Hong and the other influential elders, was gathered here.

"Went out for a moment…"

Everyone was speechless.

They had considered the possibility that Liu laoshi might have intentionally challenged the Wall of Dilemma. But judging from how Physician Hu wasn’t around then… there was a high chance that the other party really stumbled into the room accidentally.

But yet, he still managed to solve all of the questions on the Wall of Dilemma…

Does it have to be so darned?

"You all are saying that… in the hour I was gone, someone barged into the Physician Hall and solved all of the questions on the Wall of Dilemma with Perfect Treatment Methods?"

Soon, someone explained the situation to Physician Hu, and in that instant, Physician Hu could only hear thunder rumbling in his head.

For such a matter to happen while he was gone, it seems like he wouldn’t be able to escape the blame for neglecting his responsibility…


The ruckus that Zhang Xuan’s successful challenge of the Wall of Dilemma caused wasn’t just limited to Tianwu Kingdom.

On the other end of the Wall of Dilemma, a few elders were gathered together. They were all staring at one another blankly.

"The Innate Muscular Deficiency is a terminal disease. Back then, Physician Fei Qing attempted to solve this affliction but even he fell in defeat before it. In the end, he could only watch as his patient fell into death’s embrace. The answer that physician gave us… Can it really be the right treatment method to the illness?"

"That… I don’t know either, but there are two ways to check on it. We can either report it upward or we can try the solution on someone with Innate Muscular Deficiency!"

"I remember that the second princess of the alliance suffers from Innate Muscular Deficiency!"

"Indeed! Prepare the carriages, let’s head off to the Alliance Head Residence now!"

The few elders stood up simultaneously.