Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 376


Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 376

Chapter 376: I’m His Teacher

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"Where is this?"

Tianwu royal palace was massive. After a moment, Lu Chong was confused by the similar looking infrastructures all around and lost his sense of direction.

After dodging a few patrols, a towering infrastructure appeared before him. Three large words were written on a plaque above the entrance… Book Collection Vault!

"So, this is the kingdom’s book collection vault…"

The Tianwu Kingdom book collection vault had all kinds of books from all around the world in it. It encompassed nearly all of the knowledge from the surrounding thirteen kingdoms, making it extremely well-known. Lu Chong had long heard of it.

Many young men took it as an honor to be able to enter the library to browse through its books.

To think that after circling around the royal palace, he would stumble into this area.

"To think that there are no formations guarding the area…"

Carefully taking a look around the book collection vault, Lu Chong was stunned for a moment.

Usually, this kind of location where knowledge was stored should be guarded with a formation. Without a unique token or such, one would be attacked upon entry.

Yet, at this moment, he couldn’t sense the slightest ripple in the spiritual energy in the air. Apparently, the book collection vault seemed to be completely unguarded at the moment. Did someone stop the formation?

"Hurry up, he should be in here…"

"Don’t let him get away, guard the area!"


Just as Lu Chong was overwhelmed with bafflement, he suddenly heard footsteps and voices.

"They’re here…"

Knowing that this wasn’t the time to be thinking about such matters, Lu Chong rushed straight into the book collection vault. He silently opened the door and slipped into the area.

He didn’t have any other options. There was no place for him to escape to. He could only hope that the other party would back down due to the importance of this location.

Row after row of books stood imposingly on the shelves, and giant Night Illumination Pearls were embedded in the area, bringing radiance to this library. Surprisingly, there wasn’t the slightest bit of gloominess and darkness that a sealed vault should have.

Knowing that it was likely there was someone in here, Lu Chong carefully proceeded forward to look for a hiding place. However, at this moment, he suddenly heard flurried footsteps in front.

He lifted his head to take a look.

A figure was running about the book collection vault, as though a lunatic.

Other people came to the book collection to vault to read books or browse through books. Running in here… What the heck was this?

Furthermore, to run so fast… It was impossible to even see the name of the book like that. What in the world was the person up to?

"Wait… teacher?"

Just as Lu Chong was perplexed over who this fool who was running about furiously was, his eyes suddenly caught the side profile of the other party’s face and his body jolted.

It was his teacher, Liu Cheng!

What was his teacher doing here instead of teaching at the academy?

Lu Chong was dumbstruck. He had no idea what was going on.

"What are you doing here?"

Zhang Xuan was in the midst of collecting books in the book collection vault when he noticed that someone was hiding by the corner. Initially, he thought that it would be Mo Yu or someone from the royal family, but never in his dreams did he expect that… it would be his student who was out for vengeance. He immediately stopped what he was doing and walked over.

"Aren’t you in the midst of exacting your vengeance? Could it be that…"

Zhang Xuan suddenly paused, and his eyebrows flew up, "Your enemy is… Tianwu Kingdom’s royal family?"

The other party said that he was out for vengeance, but he ended up coming to the royal palace. Could the enemy of this student of his be the royal family? That’s why the other party didn’t tell him anything for fear of implicating him?

That seemed extremely probable!

Probably only the royal family was capable of inducing such fear in him, going to the extent of even playing off as a mute.

If that was truly the case, then Zhang Xuan would be in a spot.

Putting aside his relationship with Mo Yu, the Tianwu royal family had given him several spirit stones as a show of goodwill…

On top of that, Mo Tianxue didn’t seem like the type to commit atrocities, slaughtering another clan on his own whim.

Furthermore, even if he were to do so, given that he wielded authority in his hands, it wasn’t too difficult for him to pin a crime on the other party. There was no need for him to do it so secretively!

Could there be a misunderstanding between the two?


Hesitating for a moment, Lu Chong was just about to speak up when the sound of hasty footsteps sounded outside, and ‘jiya!’ the doors to the book collection vault was opened.

"Search properly! The culprit is definitely inside!"


With a loud bellow, a group of men rushed in.

The duo stood at the back of the first shelf, hiding from the sight of the crowd. As such, the crowd who came in didn’t notice them immediately. Even so, they seemed as though they wouldn’t back down until they found their target, so being caught was just a matter of time.

Knowing that it would be difficult for him to survive this calamity, Lu Chong didn’t panic. Instead, with determined eyes, he kneeled to the floor, kowtowed several times, and with reddened eyes, he said, "Please pardon your unfilial student for being unable to wait upon you. If there’s an afterlife, I hope that I can still become teacher’s student!"

In the end, the person he felt the most indebted to was his teacher.

If he died, he could accompany his parents and kin. On the other hand, this teacher of his had given so much to him, putting in so much effort so as to raise his cultivation. Yet, he was unable to repay the favor the other party had shown him…

Teacher, I am sorry!

I didn’t wish to disappoint you!

Teacher, if there’s an afterlife, I wish to become your student once more. There, I will serve you until I’m old, never to leave your side…

Gritting his teeth, Lu Chong burst forward and headed straight toward the door.

His sudden appearance immediately caught the attention of the crowd. Ji ji, the Seeking Mouse squeaked in confirmation of the target.

"He’s indeed here! Let’s see where he can escape to."

Sneering coldly, an elder of the Lin Clan stepped forward.

Hu hu!

Before even making a move, his intimidating aura had already permeated into the surroundings, revealing his Zongshi realm intermediate stage cultivation.

Knowing that it was impossible for him to retreat, Lu Chong drove his Poison Body to its limit without the slightest hesitation to face the elder.

"You must be tired of living!"

Chuckling softly, the Lin Clan elder clenched his fist tightly and sent it straight toward Lu Chong.

The immense might of the fist compressed the air, sending a huge gust of wind flying straight toward its target, making it difficult for one to breathe. Lu Chong’s muscles tightened in the face of the overwhelming shock wave from the fist.

As a clan of formation masters, the Lin Clan had many years of history behind it. It possessed a huge collection of impressive battle techniques and cultivation techniques, making it on par even with the Tianwu Kingdom royal family.

The battle technique this elder used was an exceptionally famous fist art… Fist of the Radiant Sun!

This fist art was exceptionally powerful and violent, and it carried an energy reminiscent of the burning sun. It flew straight toward its target as soon as it was executed, leaving one helpless before it.

Putting aside those of the same cultivation realm, even Zongshi realm advanced stage experts would immediately avoid it for fear of its might.

It seemed like this fellow was adamant to defeat Lu Chong. In the very first move, he had already executed his strongest move.

Knowing that death was what that awaited him, Lu Chong chose not to dodge. Instead, with reddened eyes, he charged straight at the other party.

With a loud explosion, the elder’s palm struck Lu Chong’s body. At the same time, the latter’s shoulder struck the elder’s chest.


The Lin Clan elder spurted a mouthful of blood, and he was immediately sent flying backward. Then, his vision turned dark and he fainted.

On the other hand, Lu Chong was forced back two steps. He forcefully swallowed the blood which was regurgitating in his mouth.

His Zongshi realm intermediate stage cultivation was very much different from that of other cultivators. His strength came entirely from his physical body. While the other party’s Fist of the Radiant Sun was powerful, it only dealt excruciating pain to Lu Chong; it did little to wound his vitals.

Having defeated a Zongshi realm intermediate stage expert with a single blow, Lu Chong roared deeply before continuing to charge straight to the exit of the book collection vault.

If he were to stay here, not only would he die, he might even implicate his teacher. The only thing he could do now was to charge out of the other party’s encirclement and escape as far as he could. It would be much better for him to die outside than to die here.

"Since you’re already in here, don’t dream of getting out!"

Not expecting the Zongshi realm expert of their clan would be knocked out in a single blow, Lin Hui’s face steeled. Roaring furiously, he immediately stood in Lu Chong’s path.

That single movement revealed his cultivation realm. This Third Elder Lin Hui was a Zongshi realm pinnacle expert!

Furthermore, judging from how dense his zhenqi was, he didn’t pale to Mo Tianxue in any aspects. He could be considered as strong even among those of the same realm.

"As expected of the number seven in the Ten Great Experts Ranking of the kingdom…"

Mo Yu’s eyes narrowed.

Tianwu Kingdom had ranked the Zongshi realm pinnacle experts in their territory based on their battle result. This Elder Lin Hui usually kept a low profile, so he wasn’t too famous in the kingdom. However, his strength was not to be underestimated!

To be able to be ranked in the seventh place meant that even the top genius Mo Hongyi had to cross over a hundred blows with him to defeat him.

"That assassin is probably done for…"

Mo Yu turned to examine Lu Chong.

Even though she had been to Zhang Xuan’s classroom, she had never met Lu Chong, so she didn’t recognize him. However, upon seeing the other party’s age, she couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment.

A sixteen to seventeen-year-old Zongshi realm intermediate stage cultivator…

This feat was even superior to that of Mo Hongyi!

When did such a monster appear in the kingdom?

To be able to reach such strength at such a young age, his future must be bright…

For such a talented person to destroy his own future by assaulting Lin Lang, he must have a huge grudge with the Lin Clan!

Turning around to look at her father, she realized that Mo Tianxue was also perplexed.

Actually, Mo Tianxue was the most dismayed of the group.

If it was someone he sent, at the very least, he wouldn’t feel so indignant… Where in the world did this fellow pop out from? And why would he hide in the book collection vault of the royal palace?

Even if he were to explain the situation now, the Lin Clan would definitely not believe him. Looks like a huge battle can’t be avoided anymore.

While the duo was still in shock, Elder Lin Hui’s palm had already fallen on Lu Chong.


The other party’s dense zhenqi had sealed all retreat paths for Lu Chong, leaving him with no choice but to face the palm face-on.

He might be able to charge straight at the elder before, but facing Lin Hui, due to the huge disparity in their strength, he could already feel the strength coursing through his body being suppressed even before crossing blow with the other party, making every single movement difficult for him.


Under the tremendous might, Lu Chong’s body caved in, and he was just about to fall down.

In a battle between experts, the slightest error could spell one’s death. As long as Lu Chong failed to persevere on, not only would he be injured, the injury he sustained from before would also worsen, leaving him with no strength to fight back anymore.

"It’s over…"

Under the immense pressure, Lu Chong felt that he was coming to his limits, and a dark shadow appeared in his eyes.

His final wish was to escape as far as he could, even if it meant his death, so that he wouldn’t implicate his teacher into this matter. Yet, this elder was simply way too strong, leaving him completely helpless.

Goodbye, teacher!

Goodbye, my benefactor!

Just as Lu Chong closed his eyes, giving up on all retaliation, he suddenly felt the force on his body lightened. Someone had grabbed him from behind and ‘hu!’, he was thrown several dozen meters away.


Lin Hui’s massive strength fell on where Lu Chong stood before, and a layer of dust blew into the air.

Unknowingly, a young man had appeared before Elder Lin Hui. He was the one who had thrown Lu Chong back just now.

"Who are you? To dare to stand in the Lin Clan’s path, are you so eager to die?"

Lin Hui glared at the young man furiously, and a menacing killing intent burst forth from him.

"Hold it for a moment, it’s a misunderstanding…"

Upon seeing the young man, Mo Tianxue hurriedly stepped forward.

Mo Tianxue was the one who had his daughter invite Guild Master Liu here to browse through the books in the book collection vault. The other party must be oblivious to the happenings outside, and upon seeing the young man before him getting bullied by a group of experts, he couldn’t help but step in to defend the other party.

Thinking so, Mo Tianxue stepped forward to introduce both sides, "Elder Lin Hui, this is the newly-appointed guild master of the Physician Guild, Liu Cheng! Guild Master Liu, this is… the Third Elder of the Lin Clan, Lin Hui!"

"Liu Cheng?"

Upon hearing the introduction, Lin Hui harrumphed coldly in disdain, "You must be the new guild leader who solved nineteen questions on the Wall of Dilemma! In respect of your identity and standing, if you get lost now, I can overlook your previous actions. Otherwise, don’t blame me for getting nasty!"

Guild Master Liu? Being a guild master may seem impressive, but without a sufficiently high cultivation realm, one couldn’t even qualify to take on the official examination. In a sense, this title was empty.

In any case, Lin Hui wasn’t even afraid of the previous guild master. Why should he fear this pseudo?

Initially, Zhang Xuan thought that Lu Chong’s enemy was the Tianwu royal family, and if that was the case, he would be put at a spot. However, upon seeing that it was the Lin Clan, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Lifting his head, the edges of his lips slowly curled up, "What if I refuse?"

Where in the world did this arrogant fellow come from?

"Guild Master Liu…"

Upon hearing these words, Mo Tianxue was nearly scared to death. He hurried forward and explained the situation, "The Lin Clan young master has just met with an assassination, and Elder Lin Hui is in the midst of pursuing the murderer… The young man you saw just now is the culprit, so… it’s best for you not to get involved!"

Out of goodwill, Mo Tianxue tried to advise Zhang Xuan.

Even he was unwilling to offend the Lin Clan. The person before him might be the guild master of the Physician Guild, but before his cultivation becomes worthy of his position, he didn’t wield the equivalent authority to it. Under such circumstances, it was wiser to stay out of the Lin Clan’s path!

Besides, this matter is none of your business. Why should you involve yourself in such trouble?

"This friend here, I appreciate your goodwill. However, I will take responsibility for my own actions. I am the one who beat up Lin Lang, so I’ll leave with them. This matter has nothing to do with you…" Clenching his jaws, Lu Chong walked forward.

If Lu Chong were to admit to the relationship of the two, not only would he die, his teacher would be pulled down as well. The only thing he could do now was to steer clear of the other party. It was one thing for him to die, but he mustn’t implicate his teacher in this matter.

If that happened, even in death, he would never be able to forgive himself.

"Zhang Xuan, don’t quarrel with them. The Lin Clan… is problematic!"

Fearing that the other party might be oblivious to the situation, Mo Yu hurriedly sent a telepathic message to him. At the same time, she felt a little bewildered.

From the moment they met, this fellow had been a person who didn’t like getting involved in troublesome matters. Why would he stand up for someone he didn’t know?

"You refuse? Does Guild Master Liu intend to stand against our Lin Clan for a stranger?"

Taking the attitude of the crowd into sight, Lin Hui immediately understood the situation and sneered coldly.

As a member of the dominant Lin Clan, he had the confidence to go with it.

As long as he reported his identity, people would be willing to abandon even their closest kin, needless to say, a stranger.

He thought that this Guild Master Liu was just young and hot-blooded, that’s why he chose to stand forward for a stranger. The other party should back down in fear once he knew of their identity.

After all, a Tier 1 Kingdom guild master in name meant nothing to the Lin Clan. The other party was someone they could squash easily!

"Indeed. This friend, don’t get into a conflict with the Lin Clan for a stranger like me…" Lu Chong advised anxiously.

"Shut up! Did I allow you to speak?"

Understanding the intentions of his student, Zhang Xuan frowned and bellowed. Then, turning to Lin Hui and the others, he said, "Pardon me, but I happen to know the assassin you speak of. He’s my student, and I…

"…am his teacher!"

"Teacher, you…"

Lu Chong didn’t think that his teacher would straight up admit to it. This was equivalent to directly opposing the Lin Clan for him.

His entire body shuddered, and his eyes reddened. He could no longer hold back his tears, and slowly, they trickled down his cheeks and fell to the floor.