Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 390


Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 390

Chapter 390: Spirit Blood Body Nourishment Formula

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Empyrean Kong shi was the founder of the Master Teacher Pavilion, the number one person in history.

The value of his handwritten words was invaluable. To think that his handwritten reply would be in a letter of the Qu Clan ancestors…

Putting aside the Lin Clan, even the entire Xuanyuan Kingdom would go into a frenzy over it!

All of Zhang Xuan’s doubts were immediately answered as well.

Lu Chong had tried to hide himself, changed his name, and gone to the extent of pretending to be a mute, but given the immense influence the Lin Clan wielded in the capital, they were more than capable of tracking him down.

It was impossible for Lu Chong to live beneath their noses for two years without realizing a thing.

From the looks of it, it seemed like the Lin Clan had intentionally left him alive so that they could use him to find the handwritten letter.

They probably knew about Lu Chong’s mediocre talent as well, and knowing that he was incapable of exacting vengeance, they left him be.

They couldn’t have imagined that Lu Chong would meet with Zhang Xuan, and that the insignificant figure whom they thought nothing of would bring ultimate doom to their clan.

"Your ancestors were acquainted with Kong shi?" After comprehending the situation, Zhang Xuan continued asking.

Why would Kong shi write his ancestor a reply for no reason?

"I’m not too sure about the details, and I haven’t seen the letter myself either. My father has only vaguely told me about it in the past…"

Lu Chong continued, "The letter currently isn’t in my old clan or on me. It’s hidden by my ancestors in the depths of a mountain range. If teacher wants it, I can hand it over to you!"

This handwritten letter was left behind by the Qu Clan’s ancestors. Even when facing impending death, the Qu Clan was unwilling to hand it over to the Lin Clan. Yet, Lu Chong was willing to hand it over to his teacher without any hesitation.

"Forget it. Even though Kong shi handwritten words are valuable, it’s of no use to me!"

Zhang Xuan shook his head.

Kong shi’s handwritten words might be an unparalleled treasure to the others, to the extent that they would kill one another over it, but to Zhang Xuan, it was nothing at all.

No matter how formidable the letter was, could it match up to the golden page of the Book of Heaven’s Path?

To Zhang Xuan, given that it couldn’t contribute to his cultivation, it was just something he could sell for a lot of money.

Besides, it belonged to his student. For this, Lu Chong’s entire clan was destroyed. Zhang Xuan hadn’t stooped down to the level of vying with his student over his fortune.

"I’ve been rude!"

Hearing his teacher’s words, Lu Chong’s face flushed.

He had seen his teacher’s sincerity toward him, and it should have been clear that he didn’t do it for the Ancestor Handwritten Letter. To bring up this matter seemed as though Lu Chong was sounding Zhang Xuan out instead.

Choosing not to dawdle on this problem, Zhang Xuan glanced at Lu Chong.

He had left right after conducting his lecture back then, so he didn’t know how Lu Chong chose to deal with the Lin Clan.

"I didn’t kill them. Instead, I had Hall Master Liao cripple their cultivation entirely…" Lu Chong replied.

Even though he was adamant to exact his vengeance so that his kin could live in peace, he knew that he would be letting them off too easily if he were to just kill them.

The Lin Clan had been arrogant in the past few years, and they had offended many people. Given that their cultivation had been crippled, and that they no longer had formations to protect them, even if Lu Chong didn’t kill them personally, this powerful clan would soon disappear in the tides of history.

On top of that, by choosing not to kill them, he could protect his teacher’s honor as well.

"Un!" Hearing how Lu Chong dealt with the Lin Clan, Zhang Xuan nodded in satisfaction.

After undergoing this incident, his student had matured.

If he were to kill the entire Lin Clan, that would be granting them relief.

Crippling their cultivation and allowing them to live on in such a manner was probably much more painful to them than death.

"Teacher, this is what we confiscated from the Lin Clan…"

Lu Chong took out a storage ring and presented in to Zhang Xuan.

Being the previous number one clan in Tianwu Kingdom, it possessed many treasures in its residence. As it would be a huge waste to leave those lying in the residence for others to grab, he chose to store them all into his storage ring and bring it to his teacher.

As for the ring, he took it off Lin Ruotian’s finger.

Zhang Xuan took the ring.

He wasn’t interested in his student’s possession, but he didn’t feel any guilt taking the possessions of the Lin Clan.

After all, the Lin Clan would have done the same if they were in his place.

Dripping a droplet of blood to claim possession of the ring, Zhang Xuan protruded his consciousness into the ring, and a vast space immediately appeared before him. It was much larger than his previous ring, and it was around the size of a hundred meters.

"As expected of the Lin Clan, so many gold coins…"

Quickly sweeping across the area, gold coin was stacked into towering mountains, and its quantity definitely numbered over a billion.

But of course, the most valuable items weren’t the gold coins, but the various formations, weapons, and pills.

"Spirit stones?"

Quickly sweeping across the area, Zhang Xuan’s eyes suddenly lit up.

In a corner of the ring, Zhang Xuan saw a few spirit stones being placed in a jade box by the corner; a small amount of spiritual energy was emitting from it.

Counting them, there was a total of ten of them. It was even more than the amount he got from the Tianwu royal family.

"With so many spirit stones, I should be able to reach at least Half-Zhizun…"

Zhang Xuan chuckled gleefully.

While Half-Zhizun realm was just a small realm above that of Zongshi realm pinnacle, the spiritual energy requirement was even more than the entire Zongshi realm added up together.

Zhang Xuan was still frustrated thinking about where he could look for spirit stones when the Lin Clan solved his problems.

"I should check if there are any cultivation techniques or secret manuals!"

Zhang Xuan continued browsing through the various objects in the area.

To him, there were only two things that were important to him now. Firstly, spirit stones. Secondly, cultivation techniques and secret manuals, and naturally, the greater the quantity, the better it was for him.

"Hm? There seems to be a lot of books on formations in here…"

Soon, Zhang Xuan’s eyes fell upon a huge collection of books on formations placed on bookshelves.

As a distinguished clan of formation masters, their collection of such books probably exceeded that of even the capital’s Formation Master Guild.

Quickly taking them into his collection, Zhang Xuan’s eyes fell on the final bookshelf.

"As I thought, there are cultivation technique manuals on Half-Zhizun realm and Zhizun realm…"

On the very end of the bookshelf was where the most powerful Lin Clan heirloom cultivation techniques and battle techniques were placed.

Among them were Half-Zhizun and Zhizun realm cultivation technique.

However, the number was severely lacking.

There were only slightly more than a dozen Half-Zhizun realm manuals and two Zhizun realm manuals.

"Even so, it’s still worth collecting…"

Other people would be delighted to see these cultivation technique, but they were of little use to Zhang Xuan. Even so, every manual still counted. He decided to look at their contents first.


Every book that his finger came into contact with would form an identical book in the Library of Heaven’s Path.


Then, he compiled the dozen or so Half-Zhizun book together to form a single one.

With a single look, he fell speechless.

There were too few correct sentences, so the technique formed couldn’t be cultivated at all.

"Forget it…"

Putting aside achieving a breakthrough, Zhang Xuan might even die if he were to cultivate this technique. Knowing this, Zhang Xuan immediately lost all interest.

"What’s is that?"

Just as Zhang Xuan was about to retract his consciousness from the storage ring, he saw a small jade bottle placed at the corner of the ring.

It wasn’t too big, and it was inconspicuous compared to all of the objects in the storage ring, but it was made of the top-quality [Spirit Harnessing Jade] which carried the attribute of warmth.

With a swift movement, the jade bottle appeared in his hand.

Instead of opening it, Zhang Xuan uttered in his head, "Flaws!"

A book immediately appeared in the Library of Heaven’s Path. Flipping it open, it wrote, "Forged by a 7-mo craftsman using Spirit Harnessing Jade, it has the ability to prevent the decomposition of blood and dissipation of spiritual energy. Stored within it are two drops of blood essence from a grade-1 spirit beast, Steel-armored Dragon!"

"Spirit beast blood essence?"

Zhang Xuan’s eyes lit up, and he nearly jumped up from agitation.

When he first fought against Lin Ruotian, the Library of Heaven’s Path clearly detailed that the other party had consumed spirit beast blood essence, granting him overwhelming vitality.

Zhang Xuan thought that the other party would have already consumed all of the blood essence. He didn’t think that there would still be two drops left.

Seemed like his daughter, the princess consort, had given him three droplets, but given the limitations of his physical condition, he only managed to absorb one.

Even so, it was sufficient to grant him the strength equivalent to a Half-Zhizun realm pinnacle.

"There should be an absorption method in here as well!"

Different from spirit stones, spirit beast blood essence had a special method that one had to use to absorb it so that it would fuse with one’s body and augment it.

Since the head of the Lin Clan had succeeded in doing so, he must possess a suitable absorption technique as well.

Harboring such thoughts, Zhang Xuan started rummaging through the entire storage ring, and soon, he found a secret manual hidden in the corner. Written on top of it were five big words

— "Spirit Blood Body Nourishment Formula"!


Collecting it into the Library of Heaven’s Path, he immediately flipped through it and he fell speechless once more.

This Spirit Blood Body Nourishment Formula seemed incredible, but the flaws in it numbered at several hundred.

How in the world did Lin Ruotian manage to cultivate this technique?

"Right, there’s quite a few books on physical body cultivation in Tianwu Kingdom’s book collection vault. Perhaps, if I were to mix all of them together, something good might turn out…"

Just as Zhang Xuan was intending to dump this book back onto the shelves, a thought suddenly popped into his mind and he froze.

He had collected all of the books in Tianwu Kingdom’s book collection vault, and there was a sizeable collection of physical body cultivation technique manuals in there.

Many of these cultivation techniques were superior to that he saw in Master Lu Chen’s residence back then.

After walking out from the book collection vault, Zhang Xuan immediately went over to the Lin Clan to seek justice for Lu Chong. As such, he hadn’t had the time to look through it yet.

Summoning all of physical body cultivation technique manuals from the library, he overlapped them together with the Spirit Blood Body Nourishment Formula.



A brand new book appeared before Zhang Xuan.

He anxiously flipped it open, and the contents appeared before him.

"By training one’s physical body and tempering it with one’s zhenqi, one’s physical body could gain the might equivalent to one’s zhenqi, or perhaps even higher than that. However, it is difficult to reach higher heights in one’s physical body cultivation. By using the blood essence of spirit beast to nourish one’s body, one could gain the fearsome physical abilities of a spirit beast…"

A complete cultivation technique was detailed in the manual.

"It worked!"

Briefly browsing through it, Zhang Xuan clenched his fist tightly.

Just as he guessed, the Spirit Blood Body Nourishment Formula could be compiled with the other physical body cultivation technique manuals to form a new Heaven’s Path technique!

"I’ll call it… Heaven’s Path Golden Body 2-dan!"

Zhang Xuan immediately gave it a name.

The Heaven’s Path Golden Body that Zhang Xuan compiled back in Lu Chen’s home was powerful, but as his cultivation progressed, its effectiveness was steadily going downhill. On the other hand, this physical body cultivation technique he had just compiled was clearly far superior to the previous Heaven’s Path Golden Body.

"One has to rub the spirit beast blood essence on one’s acupoint to absorb its strength and augment one’s physical body. Once one succeeds, one would gain immense fighting power…"

Remembering the contents, Zhang Xuan immediately opened the jade bottle, poured out the two drops of blood essence, and following the method detailed in the secret manual, he rubbed it on his acupoints.


As soon as the blood essence came into contact with Zhang Xuan’s skin, a blazing heat immediately seared his skin.

Spirit beasts were existences that surpassed the Fighter 9 dans. If one tried to forcibly absorb spirit blood without a suitable absorption technique to go with it, not only would one be unable to improve, one might even die on the spot.