Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 406


Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 406

Chapter 406: Slapping the Princess Consort

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Liang Qingming thought that this threat would send the plump man and the servants of the residence into chaos. Under the threat of such an expert, they would surely be scrambling to run as far as they can.

But with a single look, his body swayed once more.

The personnel in the residence were still working as per normal, as though his presence meant nothing at all. Those who were cultivating continued cultivating, those who were cooking continued cooking, those who were washing continued washing… It was as though he was transparent!

Especially for that fatty below, he stared at him with utmost disdain, as though he was staring at an idiot.

The heck!

What was this situation?

Shouldn’t a mere 2-star primary master teacher of a Tier 1 Kingdom be trembling silently in fear upon seeing a Zhizun realm expert like him?

Master teachers were the strongest among the same cultivation realm, but such a huge disparity in cultivation couldn’t be made up with skills!

It was one thing for Zhang Xuan to disregard him, but how could that weak fatty act so arrogantly as well?

Wasn’t he afraid of being killed?

This was blatant disrespect!

As a commander under the direct command of the crown prince, as well as a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert, he was a feared existence no matter where he went. Everyone he walked by would have to bow respectfully to him, and with a bellow, even the emperor of Tianwu Kingdom, Mo Tianxue, would have to kneel to him…

How dare this weak fatty show such contempt to him!

Contempt your head!

The more he thought about it, the more furious he got. At that moment, the fatty’s voice sounded once more.

"Three counts? Hurry up then, but don’t say that I didn’t warn you. This might be the three final counts you’ll ever make…"

"Damn it!"

Commander Liang’s face turned as black as charcoal, and smoke was threatening to billow from his head.

I am the one who is going to slaughter you, and you say that it’s the three final counts I will ever make?

You dare to disregard my honor as a Zhizun realm cultivator?

You damned fatty, I will slice you apart…

Coming to the limit of his tolerance, Commander Liang was just about to lash out and kill a few people to give a stern warning to the others when, ‘jiya!’, the doors to the main hall opened, and three figures walked out.

The first one who walked out was a middle-aged man in his forties, and following behind him were two elders dressed in master teacher robes.

However, even the head of Tianwu Kingdom’s Master Teacher Pavilion was only at Zongshi realm pinnacle, so he automatically disregarded the duo.

"What’s going on? Why is there such a ruckus out here?"

Without even lifting his head, the middle-aged man frowned and looked at that plump man.

"Old master, that fellow above demands to meet young master. What a joke, who does he think he is? Does he think that a nobody like him can meet the young master?

"So, I asked him to scram."

"Un, well done!" The middle-aged man nodded, approving the plump man words.


Liang Qingming staggered once more.

It was one thing for that plump man to be spouting nonsense, but to think that the middle-aged man, who seemed like the owner of the residence, to behave the same as well… This was getting way out of hand!

Initially, Liang Qingming was still hesitant to go too far. After all, the other party was a member of the Master Teacher Pavilion. If things were to blow up, it might up disastrous. However, blinded by his rage, he couldn’t care less about the consequences now.

"Since you all are courting death, I’ll grant you your wish…"

Furious, Liang Qingming’s thrusted his hand, and an overwhelming strength descended from the skies. A huge handprint pushed down straight toward the crowd in the residence.

Phantom pinnacle battle technique, Adamantine Palm!

The indestructible Adamantine Palm caused a huge gale to blow in the surroundings, and leaves gushed into the air.

The palm possessed a strength beyond 30,000 ding. Even a Zhizun realm intermediate expert would be crushed to smithereens in an instant under the overwhelming force.

Liang Qingming thought that the other party would tremble in fear immediately after seeing the might of his attack, but the middle-aged man only glanced impassively at the elder beside him and said, "Little Su, I’ll leave this fellow to you. Shoot him down along with that bird in the air!"

"Yes, Yang shi!"

The elder who was addressed as ‘Little Su’ stepped forward.

This ‘Little Su’ wasn’t of huge stature, and there wasn’t any imposing disposition to him. More importantly, his legs were clamped tightly together, and his face was pale. It seemed as though he was suffering from some indescribable agony.

His hair was unkempt, and he looked as though he had just been beaten up. No matter how Liang Qingming looked at him, this Little Su didn’t seem like an expert.

To send such a fellow to deal with him?

Were the people below insane?

He wasn’t just the only one. The various experts and influences were also dazed, and the corner of their lips twitched intensely.

This was a top-notch expert form Xuanyuan Kingdom! Their princess consort had brought him here to kill you, you should at least send someone fitting to deal with him. What in the world do you mean by sending that pale-faced clamped-legs elder?

Aren’t you looking down on the other party too much!

Su shi and Ling shi arriving at the capital was a confidential secret of the Master Teacher Pavilion. Thus, no one knew that these two ordinary-looking fellows were actually unimaginably powerful experts.


Just when everyone’s heads were spinning from this ridiculous sight, this ‘Little Su’ lifted his head and harrumphed coldly.


His voice wasn’t particularly loud, but it sounded as though a metal being burst apart. Upon colliding with the air, the latter immediately dissipated without any resistance.


After which, Liang Qingming felt a sharp pain on his chest, as though he had been pierced by a sword. A mouthful of blood spewed out, and his vision darkened slightly. His entire body trembled from the impact, and he nearly fell down from the savage beast.

"This… a Transcendent Mortal expert?"

The other party didn’t even move at all. With just a slight harrumph, he was able to neutralize his attack and injure him. No matter how foolish Liang Qingming was, it was clear that this ‘Little Su’ was beyond his means.

Liang Qingming’s eyes narrowed, and his body trembled in fear.

There wasn’t even a single Transcendent Mortal expert in Xuanyuan Kingdom! How could one appear in a Tier 1 Kingdom?

Furthermore, given the powerful might the other party was able to harness with a single sound… Even within the Transcendent Mortal realm, this Little Su must have reached a high level of accomplishment!


The crowd of spectators who were looking at the situation widened their eyes, and their hearts nearly stopped from shock.

That weak-looking elder was actually able to neutralize a full strength attack from a Zhizun realm expert with harrumph, even nearly pushing the latter down the savage beast from the impact…

What was going on?

"This… Do you know this master teacher?" Mo Tianxue turned to ask his daughter.

Mo Tianxue didn’t recognize this ‘Little Su’, but since the other party was dressed in the master teacher robe, he must be a member of the Master Teacher Pavilion.

Where in the world did this formidable figure come from?

His strength was way off the charts!

"This…" Mo Yu was taken aback by the sight as well.

When the Assembly Bell sounded, she wasn’t able to return immediately, so she missed out Su shi and Ling shi’s introduction. After which, she left right after witnessing Zhang Xuan and Mo Hongyi’s examination.

As such, she didn’t know of the appearance of the two 4-star master teachers in the Master Teacher Pavilion.

Besides, even if she knew, she couldn’t have imagined that someone would dare to call a 4-star master teacher ‘Little Su’… To be able to command a 4-star master teacher, what kind of fearsome existence was that middle-aged man?

"Come down!"

Before anyone could recover from the shock, the slightly hunched ‘Little Su’ harrumphed yet again.


It was as though a sword had flown through the air. Even the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast in the air could react, its body shuddered, and it plummeted straight down.


Along with the landing of the humongous savage beast, dust flew into the air. That arrogant fellow who had threatened to slaughter everyone within the residence crashed onto the floor.

Falling from such a great height, it took great effort for Lin Long to regain consciousness. She immediately turned to her father and her younger brother, and with a single look, she nearly turned insane.

With this fall, the unconscious Lin Lang’s spinal cord broke, and he could potentially breathe his last at any moment. There was no saving him anymore.

On the other hand, Lin Ruotian, who was still holding on to the vestiges of his consciousness, was spewing large mouthfuls of blood. His old wounds and new wounds gnawed at his vitality, making it a huge doubt whether he could survive from this ordeal.

Lin Long flew into a frenzy.

They were here to exact vengeance…

And yet, before they could kill a single person or even meet their primary target, Zhang Xuan, her father and her little brother were already nearly dead. She was also severely injured from the fall as well. What was this?

"Commander Liang, what are you doing? Hurry up and kill him…"

Seated in the room on the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast’s back, Lin Long knew very little about the situation outside. All she heard was the conversation between the two. She thought that Liang Qingming was going easy on the other party, so she howled furiously at him.

"Kill him?"

Commander Liang’s body trembled in agitation, and he nearly fainted.

How do I kill him?

This old fellow is a Transcendent Mortal expert! Are you trying to send me to my death?

How in the world did the wise crown prince marry a fool like you?

Su shi glanced at Liang Qingming.

"Kill me?"

Even though he had achieved a breakthrough in his cultivation, it did little to alleviate the intense pain he was suffering from. He was already in a bad mood, and upon hearing the woman on the savage beast’s back talking about killing him, his face immediately darkened.

"Tha-that’s not it… Elder, please calm down!"

Commander Liang shuddered, and he hurriedly rubbed his hands together to plead with the other party.

"Why are you so afraid of him? He’s just a master teacher from a Tier 1 Kingdom, what can he do to you?"

Seeing how useless her subordinate was, even going to the extent of calling the other party ‘elder’, Lin Long’s rage erupted.

She was a smart person, but the situation with her father and her younger brother had clouded her mind. After the fall, they were already on the verge of dying, and at this moment, all that was on her mind was to exact vengeance for them.

"How dare you disregard a master teacher!" Su shi bellowed. "Slap her!"

Su shi was an amiable person, but as a 4-star master teacher, he had his own dignity as well. The other party was clearly disregarding the prestige of a master teacher, and this was a taboo for him.


After hesitating for a moment, Liang Qingming eventually turned around and walked over to the room on top of the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast.

Even if the person he had to slap was the princess consort, he had no other choice. The person before him was a Transcendent Mortal expert. If he didn’t obey his commands, all of them would die here today.

"Commander Liang, what are you doing?"

Upon seeing the other party walk in, Lin Long was taken aback. Before she could say anything else, the other party darted forward, and a slap flew straight toward her cheek.


Without any time to react, Lin Long was sent flying by that slap. Her head crashed onto the ground, and her teeth fell onto the floor. Blood trickled down the edges of her lips.

She was a genius, and her cultivation progressed swiftly. However, due to the limitation of her age, she was only a Zongshi realm advanced stage cultivator. How could she avoid the attacks of a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert?

Pah pah pah pah!

Since the elder outside didn’t ask him to stop, Commander Liang didn’t dare to stop either. He walked up to Lin Long and continued striking her.

"You… You…"

After several consecutive slaps, her beautiful face swelled up as though a pig’s face. The slaps had awoken her, and she immediately comprehended the situation here. With eyes overflowing with hatred, she glared at Su shi and that middle-aged man, Yang shi.

Ever since her birth, all of the way until she became the princess consort, she had lived a smooth-sailing life, and she had never suffered such humiliation.

Her hatred was so deep that it couldn’t be washed clean even if the water from three rivers were to run dry.