Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 420


Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 420

Chapter 420: I Want to Challenge Ten Beasts Cage (1)

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"Roar? Roar? Roar?"

The Seven Meridians Vicious Bear was dumbstruck as well.

It thought that dealing with a Zongshi realm cultivator would be a walk in a park, but before it could even process what was going on, the fellow had already rushed up to him and flipped him over.

"What are you roaring for?"

The voice of a young man echoed before the head of the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear smashed onto the metal cage.

Peng peng peng peng!

Its massive body kept coming into intimate contact with the metal cage; sometimes, it would be the left side of his head, sometimes it would be the right side. The continuous smashing left its head spinning, and it was on the verge of spurting blood.

The other Seven Meridians Vicious Bear clearly didn’t expect this fellow to be so ferocious and powerful, bashing its companion around easily. It immediately prepared to charge forward to assist its companion.

"You wish to save it? Here you go!"

Before the other bear could charge up to the young man, a light chuckle sounded, and a massive shadow came flying straight toward it.

It didn’t have any time to react before it was struck squarely in the face, and the two bears came crashing to the ground.

"Do you two admit defeat?"

With his hands placed in his pockets, Zhang Xuan casually walked over to the two light-headed massive beasts.


The second Seven Meridians Vicious Bear bellowed once more, and prepared to counterattack. However, Zhang Xuan simple shook his head, grabs its arm, and started smashing it on the metal cage.

Peng peng peng peng!

Large holes appeared on the ground and the metal cage.

Gathering all of its strength, the first Vicious Bear, whose head was still turning from Zhang Xuan’s prior assault, weakly got to its feet, but at that moment, its companion, held by Zhang Xuan as though a club, was sent flying straight into it.


Not too long later, the two massive fellows finally caved in. They lay on the ground faint-headed, devoid of the strength to climb back up.

Contesting strength with me?

You must be jesting!

Having cultivated Heaven’s Path Golden Body 2-dan, Zhang Xuan possessed a total strength of 15000 ding. No matter how strong those two fellows were, they didn’t stand a chance against him.

"To render the Tiger Head Beast who is known for its outstanding defense powerless with a single fist, and throw around the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear who is known for its unparalleled strength so easily…"

"Is he still a human?"

"Is he really just a Zongshi realm pinnacle cultivator?"


The surroundings were completely silent.

Everyone thought that the other party must have a screw loose to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage, but at this moment, it couldn’t be any clearer that he had the power to back it up!

What Whirlwind Wolves, Tiger Head Beasts, or Seven Meridians Vicious Bears…

Despite their fearsome reputation, they seemed no different from little chicks before him. They were sent flying about at his whim.

"His cultivation is really Zongshi realm pinnacle, just that… he seems to be using pure physical strength!"

It took a very long time before Hall Master Xie Jiuchen could shut his gaping mouth.

Previously, as the other party subdued his opponents swiftly through technique, he failed to notice it. But this time, the other party was clearly using strength beyond that of an ordinary Zongshi realm pinnacle, and there wasn’t even the slightest zhenqi disturbance from him…

To think that on top of his understanding of savage beast and outstanding eye of discernment, that lad’s strength would be at a fearsome level as well.

"It shouldn’t be just his strength itself… Given how he was so able to hold onto the Vicious Bear’s arm so easily, he probably… used some technique as well!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing said.

"Indeed. Even though the Vicious Bear’s movements are slow, it is still a Half-Zhizun savage beast, and it has adapted over time to make up for its flaws. To be able to render it unable to retaliate so easily, his grip probably isn’t as simple as it seems. Most probably, he held onto the savage beast’s acupoint to prevent it from exerting strength!"

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was already completely at a loss for words.

Under normal circumstances, even if one were to grab onto the arm of a Seven Meridians Vicious Bear, given the savage beast’s massive physique and overwhelming strength, how could it possible allow one to throw it around so easily?

Thus, it was highly possible that the lad had held onto the Vicious Bear’s vitals with his grip.

This vital was probably something similar to the mingmen of human cultivators. Once grabbed, it would render it completely powerless.

"Hall master, do you think that it is possible that… he has been raising a Seven Meridians Vicious Bear?" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing asked.

Previously the hall master said that it was likely that the other party had raised a Tiger Head Beast given his deep understanding of its physique.

Given how that lad was able to find the flaw on the Seven Meridian Vicious Beast so quickly as well… Could it be that he had been raising one as well?

"Cough cough…"

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen’s face turned red, and he nearly choked to death on his saliva.

It was common to for a beast tamer to rear a tamed beast at home, but a bunch?

It wasn’t like the other party was operating a zoo. How could he possibly be rearing Whirlwind Wolves, Tiger Head Beasts… and now, a Seven Meridians Vicious Bear as well?

"He has passed through three stages already. Perhaps, this Zhang Xuan may become the first beast tamer in our Beast Hall to pass the Ten Beasts Cage!"

Knowing that continuing on the prior topic would just embarrass him, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen chuckled awkwardly and changed the topic.

There were people in the Beast Hall who challenged the Ten Beasts Cage before, but most of them couldn’t even pass the second stage. Yet, that lad was able to pass three stages as easily as though eating and drinking. Perhaps, he might be able to do the same for the fourth stage as well.

"Indeed, hall master. It seems like you’ll have to prepare a set of spirit beast blood essence!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing chuckled.

The reward for a successful challenge of the Ten Beasts Cage was a drop of spirit beast blood essence. Given how easily the other party passed the prior stages, it was likely that he would succeed in a single go. By then, the Beast Hall would have to present the prize to him.

"Hehe!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen stroked his beard and chuckled. "If a beast tamer can pass the Ten Beasts Cage, that can only mean that the talents in our Beast Hall are becoming more and more formidable. It’s just a drop of spirit beast blood essence, it’s nothing much! Not only will I present it to him, I’ll also announce that if any other geniuses were to pass the Ten Beasts Cage, they’ll be entitled to the same prize as well, and perhaps even more than that!"

For the past thousand years, there hadn’t been a single person who had passed Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall’s Ten Beasts Cage. There were also very few successful challengers in the other Conferred Kingdom Beast Halls. With this record, he would be able to keep his head up high when meeting the other hall masters.

On top of that, he could also motivate the other geniuses to work harder. This matter was beneficial to the Beast Hall.

"Indeed!" Understanding this point, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded.

Just as he was about to continue speaking, his gaze suddenly turned grim. "Look, he’s about to challenge the final stage!"

At that moment, all of the spectators turned their crowd to the cage below.

After rendering the two Seven Meridians Vicious Bear helpless, Zhang Xuan continued to proceed forward, and before long, he reached the final stage of the Ten Beasts Cage. Standing in front of him was Zhizun realm primary stage… Steel-armed Gold Ape!

"Steel-armed Gold Ape has a physique similar to that of a human, and this grants them agility and dexterity comparable to that of a human. On top of that, they possess superior strength, making even the typical Zhizun ream intermediate stage cultivators to not be a match for it!"

"Zhang Xuan is probably in for a difficult battle!"

Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang glanced at one another, and they saw the worry in each other’s eyes.

To be honest, they had a good impression of this Beast Tamer Zhang.

Even though he was capable, he remained humble, unlike Luo Tang, who went around boasting despite knowing nothing at all.

The first three stages, the Whirlwind Wolves, Tiger Head Beasts, and Seven Meridians Vicious Bears, were only skilled in a single aspect. It was still possible for Zhang Xuan to exploit their flaws to achieve victory.

But not only did this Steel-armed Gold Ape possess a high cultivation, it was also an all-rounder, it had nearly no flaws that one could make use of.

Battling a Zhizun realm primary stage cultivator would be much less difficult than fighting against it.

"There’s no need to think too much into it. Beast Tamer Zhang’s strength has already surpassed our understanding. Maybe… he might really be able to achieve victory!"

Hall Master Feng shook his head.

A month ago, when he first met this Beast Tamer Zhang, the other party was only a Tongxuan realm cultivator. But in the short span of a month, the other party had already reached Zongshi realm pinnacle, and his fighting prowess was even beyond that of the Half-Zhizun realm Seven Meridians Vicious Bear.

His strength had already far surpassed them.

They wouldn’t be surprised if an expert of Zhang Xuan’s level were to possess such aces up his sleeves.

Under the worried gazes of the duo, Zhang Xuan walked up to the Steel-armed Gold Ape.

The Steel-armed Ape had watched how Zhang Xuan defeated the other savage beasts, and it could tell that even he was still young, he wasn’t an easy opponent at all. Thus, without any hesitation, it immediately dashed forward without any warning to launch the first blow.


As expected of a Zhizun realm primary stage savage beast, its might far exceeded that of the previous few savage beasts Zhang Xuan faced. Before its fist could reach Zhang Xuan, the shock wave from its punch had already ripped the air in the surroundings apart with sheer force.


Zhang Xuan’s face turned grim. He hurriedly faced it with a fist of his own.


The two fists collided together, and both sides retreated several steps simultaneously.

"Hmm?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

He didn’t think that the Steel-armed Ape would be able to stand toe-to-toe with his Heaven’s Path Golden Body 2-dan.

Even though the previous savage beasts were famed for their fighting prowess, their true strength still paled far in comparison to Zhang Xuan. Yet, the Steel-armed Ape was able to clash head-to-head with him, and this in itself proved testimony to its fearsome might.

Hu hu!

That single blow seemed to have incited the Steel-armed Ape’s excitement. With speed as swift as a bolt of lightning, it dashed toward Zhang Xuan once more.

Just as the depiction of the rumors, it possessed far superior reaction speed or agility to those of the same cultivation realm, leaving one helpless before it.

Peng peng peng peng!

Clashing several times, Zhang Xuan was forced to retreat continuously.

"This isn’t good. That fellow is extremely strong, and his defenses are hard to break as well. Even a momentary lapse in judgement could result in my loss, needless to say, defeating it!"

Zhang Xuan frowned.

In the end, Zhang Xuan’s zhenqi cultivation was still at Zongshi realm pinnacle. The only reason why he could face the other party was due to his powerful physical body.

However, the difference between Zongshi to Zhizun didn’t just lie in strength. Currently, Zhang Xuan’s reaction speed still couldn’t match up to Zhizun realm expert.

This made it difficult for him to keep up with the other party’s movements.

If the other party was only a small cultivation realm higher than him, he could still use the Eye of Insight to deduce his next movement. However, the Steel-armed Ape was two small cultivation realms above Zhang Xuan, rendering the technique useless.

Given that Zhang Xuan couldn’t predict its next movement, and he couldn’t keep up with the other party’s movements as well, with just his physical strength, it was indeed difficult for him to triumph over it.

But of course, if this was a life-and-death battle, through using the Heaven’s Path techniques, Zhang Xuan could still kill the other party easily.


Knowing that it was difficult to defeat the other party barehanded, Zhang Xuan immediately made up his mind. With a thought, a book appeared in the Library of Heaven’s Path. He quickly browsed through the contents of the book.

"So that’s the case…"

After reading the contents, the edges of Zhang Xuan’s lips curled up.


"He might be strong, but it will be difficult for him to triumph over the Steel-armed Gold Ape!" Watching the battle, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing commented.

As a Zhizun realm pinnacle cultivator, he was able to gauge the flow of the battle accurately.

It was clear that Zhang Xuan was in a disadvantageous position.

"It isn’t just difficult, it is impossible… To think that despite clearing the first three stages so smoothly, he will fall here. It’s truly a pity!"

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen shook his head in lamentation.

He was looking forward to the first successful challenger of the Ten Beasts Cage here, but in the end, it seemed like his hopes wouldn’t be realized.