Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 700


Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 700

Chapter 700: Repaying Malice with Benevolence

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The entire room was silent.

Everyone stared at one another, unable to utter a single word.

‘You said that the other party’s physical body was too weak for him to be qualified to teach a person possessing the Emperor’s Bloodline. Yet, you ended up shattering nearly all of your bones while trying to pummel the other party. What else do you have to say?’

Many gazes turned toward the young man, only to see him lying on the ground in a mess. His body was contorted in awkward angles. With his bones shattered to such a degree, he was unable to stand up.

"You… are qualified to be Young Master Tao’s teacher…"

Tears were threatening to spill from the young man’s eyes.

Never had such an incident occurred to him ever since he’d started cultivating his physical body.

He used his full might to pummel the other party, and yet, the other party remained completely unharmed whereas his bones were shattered instead. Not even the elders of the Yuan Clan possessed such astounding defensive ability!

Was the other party still mortal?

‘If I knew that your physical body was this strong, I would have never provoked you!

‘If this was going to be the case, I should have just left obediently just now when you asked me to. At the very least, I would still be unharmed. And now… With my bones shattered to such a degree, how am I going to fare in the future?’

"Cultivation is an endless journey. We might possess the Emperor’s Bloodline, but that doesn’t mean that we are invincible. Zhang shi has only taught you that there’s always a mountain higher than the other."

Sighing, Elder Yuan flicked his finger, and a pill was shot into the young man’s mouth.

The reason he didn’t stop the young man from challenging Zhang shi earlier was because he intended to see the depths of the latter’s prowess as well. Who would have thought that he would be so powerful?

The pill immediately dissolved as soon as it entered the young man’s mouth. A moment later, the young man finally recovered slightly, and he struggled to his feet strenuously.

Seeing the young man’s state, Elder Yuan sighed in lamentation.

"Given the degree of damage to your bones, it’ll be hard for you to recover to how you were. You won’t be able to cultivate your physical body anymore in the future."

The greatest taboo for physical body cultivators was the breaking of their bones. If it was just a bone or two, it could still be healed via consuming pills. However, considering how the young man’s bones were shattered into near smithereens, there was no way he could get back to how he was before.

In other words, the young man’s cultivation had been crippled through this fight, and his future achievements had been capped.

While there were Saint recovery pills within the clan which was capable of healing even such grievous injuries… given that the young man didn’t belong to the main family and that his bloodline wasn’t pure either, he wasn’t qualified to use such precious resources.

"Yes!" The young man nodded with a desolate expression.

His cultivation wasn’t outstanding in the clan in the first place, and he had been despised due to that. Now that he had lost his cultivation, it wasn’t hard to imagine how his tragic his plight would be in the future.

"Alright, only with setbacks will one grow wiser, so don’t be too harsh on yourself."

After which, Elder Yuan turned to Zhang Xuan, and awe gleamed in his eyes. "To be able to cultivate your physical body to such an astounding degree despite your young age, Zhang shi is indeed worthy of awe. May I know… if you’re interested in coming to our Yuan Clan? Given your age and your physical body prowess, as long as you persevere, it is just a matter of time before you become an honorary elder there!"

"An invitation to the Yuan Clan?" On the main seat, King Huai widened his eyes upon hearing those words, and his breathing hastened.

Zhang shi might not have heard of the Boundless Empire’s Yuan Clan, but he knew very well what that power represented.

Even if it was just an offer to become a guard of the Yuan Clan, he would surely grasp the opportunity without any hesitation.

But just as he thought that Zhang shi would immediately agree to the request in delight, the latter shook his head in disdain and said, "I don’t have any interest in that."

Hearing those words, King Huai’s body jolted in astonishment. "Zhang shi, do you understand the significance of becoming an honorary elder in the Boundless Empire’s Yuan Clan?"

"Who cares what kind of significance it has, I don’t have any interest in it!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands nonchalantly.

No matter how impressive becoming an ‘honorary elder’ might be, in the end, he would be nothing more than a subordinate. He was a person who would become a 9-star master teacher one day. Before that, all powers were nothing more than fleeting clouds.

Besides, how could he possibly lower himself to serve as an honorary elder for his student’s clan?

"That’s a huge pity…"

Seeing Zhang Xuan rejecting the offer without any hesitation, Elder Yuan shook his head in disappointment. Sighing, he raised his head once more and asked, "Zhang shi, about our young master…"

Zhang shi hadn’t given his opinion regarding Yuan Tao’s matter yet. Even though Elder Yuan possessed incredible power, he dared not offend a person who could possibly become the next head of his clan.


With a deep sigh, Zhang Xuan turned to the young man not too far away and said, "Yuan Tao, come over here!"


Yuan Tao responded and hurriedly rushed forward.

Zhang Xuan rubbed the plump boy’s head with his hand as complex emotions surfaced in his eyes. Memories flashed across his head as reminisced about the time they had spent together. The sorrow of parting jabbed at his heart, but as a teacher, he knew that he couldn’t limit his own students.

"Cultivate well after you return to your clan. Don’t let me down!"


With reddened eyes, Yuan Tao kneeled on the floor. "I won’t go! I want to stay by your side…"

Zhang Xuan shook his head slowly. "Since the Yuan Clan possesses the complete heritage of the Emperor’s Bloodline, you should leave with Elder Yuan. This is the route you should take if you aspire to reach for greater heights! Following behind me will only limit your accomplishments."

Yuan Tao’s body stiffened upon hearing those words.

"Alright, as my student, you should decisively grasp any opportunity that comes your way. Work hard, awaken your bloodline, and make me proud!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

No matter how reluctant he was, he knew that he had to let go.

Students are just like birdlings. No matter how well one taught them, if they don’t try to venture beyond their nest, they will never learn to fly.

A greater world lies out there for them! That is the place where they belong!

Only by experiencing the various elements of the world will they fly higher and higher, and eventually reach the peak.

"Alright!" Seeing that his teacher had made up his mind, Yuan Tao clenched his jaws and nodded.

After convincing Yuan Tao, Zhang Xuan turned to Elder Yuan and said, "Elder Yuan, my student is a troublemaker, so I’ll be depending on you to take care of him in the future!"

"Of course, you can count on me for that…" Elder Yuan froze for a moment upon seeing that sight, and admiration slowly gleamed through his face.

He could tell the deep concern Zhang Xuan harbored for Yuan Tao, and it would surely be difficult for him to part with the latter. Nevertheless, upon realizing that his student had a much better path before him, he still decisively chose to send the latter there. There were very few master teachers who could do the same!

As long as he could survive amidst the harsh world, Zhang shi would surely achieve great things in the future!

"Yuan Tao is my direct disciple. If I hear that he has been subjected to some grievances or unfair treatment, have no doubt that I will come knocking on the gates of the Yuan Clan!" Zhang Xuan warned with a grim expression.

He might be weak at the moment, but he was growing stronger rapidly. If the Yuan Clan dared to torment Yuan Tao, he wouldn’t mind trampling them into the ground!

"Don’t worry. Young Master Tao possesses the complete Emperor’s Bloodline, making him the future hope of our clan. How could he possibly subject him to grievances or unfair treatment?" Elder Yuan hurriedly reassured.

It had been more than a dozen millenniums since a complete Emperor’s Bloodline had appeared in the Yuan Clan. Yuan Tao played a pivotal role to the revival of the Yuan Clan, so how could the Yuan Clan possibly treat him unfairly?

"That would be for the best!"

Zhang Xuan nodded. Following which, he grabbed a wine cup from a table a distance away and smiled. "Allow me to propose a toast to Elder Yuan!"


Zhang Xuan’s action of grabbing the wine cup may seem normal, but Elder Yuan’s eyes narrowed upon seeing that sight.

Zhang Xuan was around one and a half meter away from the table, and yet, he was still able to grab the wine cup without the utilization of zhenqi… In other words, Zhang Xuan’s arm had instantaneously extended by a length of half a meter!

To extend one’s arm abruptly without the use of zhenqi…

Elder Yuan’s body stiffened as the thought flashed across his mind.

‘Could he have cultivated his bones and muscles to the Undying realm?’

Legend had it that upon reaching a certain level of cultivation in one’s physical body, not only would one’s physical body become extremely tough, their body would also become incredibly flexible.

Upon reaching that realm, their bones and muscles would be able to extend in a way that defied common sense. At the same time, the enhanced elasticity also allowed their bodies to revert back to its original form even when squashed like a pancake!

As such, this was known as the Undying realm.

Even though it wasn’t invulnerability in the strictest sense, the ability to extend one’s limbs freely and recover from lethal force were already exceptionally valuable capabilities, especially in battle.

Even in their clan, only the legendary old ancestor had achieved such a feat!

Considering how the young man before him was able to extend his arm half a mater without tapping into his zhenqi, even if he hadn’t truly reached the Undying realm, he was surely not too far from it!

To actually train one’s physical body to the limits and reach Undying realm at twenty…

Was this even possible?

Was the fellow before him some kind of monster in human skin?

It was no wonder his junior lost so tragically. Even he himself hadn’t advanced this far in his physical body cultivation!

If it was before, he would have taken the other party’s threat to be a joke. However, such thoughts had vanished completely from his mind.

No matter how weak the other party’s cultivation was at the moment, given how his physical body had already reached or was extremely near to the Undying realm, his future achievements would surely be immeasurable. Even despite the dozens of millenniums of history behind the Yuan Clan, a day might come when the entire Yuan Clan would have to bow before him.

Caught up in his astonishment, when Elder Yuan finally recovered, he realized that the young man had already gulped down the wine in his cup and returned back to the secret chamber. A moment later, he returned with an impassive expression.

"Let’s leave!"

Zhang Xuan beckoned for his students before striding out of the main hall.

"We’ll be leaving now!"

Zheng Yang and the others bade Yuan Tao farewell before hurriedly leaving behind Zhang Xuan.

Having accompanied one another on this long journey, a strong relationship had already been forged among them. Thus, they couldn’t help but feel dejected by this parting.

"Zhang shi…"

Seeing Zhang Xuan leaving decisively, Elder Yuan was just about to say something when the other party suddenly flicked his hand and tossed a wine gourd over.

Catching it instinctively, he heard the other party’s voice sounding in the air.

"Connect the fractured bones carefully before drinking this medicinal wine. He will be able to make a full recovery."


Elder Yuan was stunned for a moment after hearing those words. Following which, he swiftly passed the medicinal wine to his junior to drink.

The young man had already reconnected his bones using his zhenqi earlier on. Upon learning that the medicinal wine could possibly heal his injuries, he gulped it down without any hesitation.


As the medicinal wine rushed down his throat, a warm surge of energy abruptly burst from his stomach and gushed through his entire body. He felt a numbing sensation in the broken bones throughout his body as the warm surge washed over them. In just a few breaths, he could already stand up even without relying on zhenqi to balance himself. All of the injuries he had sustained vanished into thin air, as if he hadn’t been injured in the first place.


The young man narrowed his eyes, and his body began trembling in agitation. He thought that he was doomed for life, but this turnaround came so abruptly.

Elder Yuan’s body stiffened as well.

"Saint… recovery medicine?"

This kind of medicine was invaluable even in their clan. Yet, the other party actually tossed it to them as though it were nothing at all. This was truly a huge favor to them!

"Zhang shi… thank you!"

Understanding the value of the medicine, the young man immediately dropped to the floor and kowtowed in gratitude.

He had provoked the other party intentionally with a sharp tone earlier on, intending to harm him even. Yet, not only did the other party not harbor a grudge against him for that, he even gave him such a valuable medicine…

How magnanimous he must be to repay malice with such great benevolence!

‘So this is a master teacher!’

It was no wonder Young Master Tao would be willing to turn down even the heritage from the Yuan Clan to pursue him. The other party’s character was indeed worthy of respect.

While the young man was kowtowing in gratitude, Yuan Tao’s clenched fists were trembling with overwhelming emotions. Looking at his teacher’s departing back, tears streamed freely down his face.

It was Zhang laoshi who didn’t scorn him for being the last place in Hongtian Academy and accepted him as his student!

It was Zhang laoshi who turned him from an ignorant and reckless weakling into a Transcendent Mortal ream expert!

It was Zhang laoshi who went to great lengths to search for medicinal herbs to awaken his unique constitution!

It was Zhang laoshi who stayed up at night to modify his cultivation technique for him…

‘Teacher… rest assured. I will surely work hard after returning to my clan so as to not let down your expectations!’ Yuan Tao vowed with great determination.