Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 88


Library of Heaven's Path – Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Apothecary Guild

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"Alright, let’s stop lessons here today. When you go back, cultivate based on what I have taught you all today. I don’t wish to lose in the Teacher Evaluation half a month later! I also wish that your thoughts are the same as me!"

After talking a little more about cultivation in the classroom, Zhang Xuan waved his hands to signal the end of the lesson.

After interacting with the others these two days, he was gradually getting used to his profession as a teacher, and the disposition of a teacher slowly built on him.

"Yes, Zhang laoshi!"

Zhao Ya, Zheng Yang and the others clenched their fists with reddened faces.

After the previous incident, they knew that Lu Xun laoshi had challenged Zhang laoshi and they were the stakes in this challenge.

If it was two days ago, they would have gone insomniac over the excitement of being able to come under Lu laoshi’s tutelage. However, at this moment, they were absolutely unwilling to acknowledge anyone except for Zhang Xuan as their teacher, even if they were beaten to death!

He was able to see through the flaws on them with a single glance, treat the disabilities of Zhao Ya, Wang Ying and the others, whip out profound cultivation techniques on a whim and even helping them find Zhu Hong’s mingmen, allowing them to easily achieve a victory over him. Zhang laoshi seemed to possess a unique charm, causing them to be astonished and impressed at the same time, making it difficult for them think of anything else.

"Goodbye, teacher!"

The few of them left the classroom.

"You said that Zhang laoshi was able to strike 55 ding with a single punch?"

"Even Bai Xun xiao wangye was trying to seek guidance from him?"

The moment they walked out of the classroom, the crowd couldn’t help but to question Liu Yang about the happenings in the Enlightenment Will Trial today.

Liu Yang didn’t hide anything and revealed everything that had happened.

When the crowd heard that Zhang laoshi actually possessed the strength of a Pixue realm expert, the astonishment in every single one of their eyes could not possibly be faked. In that instant, their eyes glowed in reverence.

When they heard about the shameless doings of the Education Bureau, every single one of them felt so indignant for Zhang Xuan that they were about to erupt from the rage welling in them.

"Everyone, Lu Xun laoshi’s challenge is actually a good opportunity for us to cleanse Zhang laoshi’s reputation!" After recounting the happenings in the Enlightenment Will Tower, Liu Yang scanned the faces of his fellow peers before continuing, "Thus, I hope that all of us would train properly this half a month so as to win glory and honor for our teacher, as well as to forge a reputation for ourselves!"

"Indeed, Zhang laoshi is noble and magnanimous, so he might not be bothered with the slander of these despicable people. However, as his students, we have the responsibility to right his reputation!"

Zhao Ya’s beautiful eyes were twinkling, and a resolute gleam could be seen within it.

"I agree as well!" The dense Wang Ying also gritted her teeth in anger.

Zhang laoshi had healed her legs for her, even specially creating a cultivation technique for her. Even if she were to crush her bones into powder, it would be hard for her to repay this gratitude.

"Count us in!"

Yuan Tao and Zheng Yang stepped forward as well.

"It’s a promise then. This half a month, we will give our all into our training. Then, during the Freshmen Tournament, we will make those who looked down on Zhang laoshi see…" Unwavering determination reflected in Liu Yang’s eyes. With a slow but powerful voice, he said, "… that his students are the best!"

"The battle half a month later…"

Unaware of his students’ blazing morale, at this moment, Zhang Xuan was seated in the staff room. A frown so deep that lumps formed could be seen on his face.

He didn’t worry much about Zhao Ya and Wang Ying. Given their strong foundations, accompanied with the cultivation techniques that he has imparted them, their strength would definitely make a big leap half a month later. As for Zheng Yang and Liu Yang, they possessed acceptable talent and they were ambitious as well. As long they were properly guided, it wasn’t a problem for their strength to soar. However, Yuan Tao remained a factor of anxiety for him.

[This fellow is a wandering cultivator. He has no backing or connections whatsoever. In fact, he never really came into contact with cultivation techniques before, so it would be difficult for him to improve swiftly within half a month.]

"Unless his Ancient Emperor Bloodline awakens!"

A thought flashed through his mind.

He had checked Yuan Tao’s condition with the Library of Heaven’s Path a few days ago. He had confirmed that he possesses the Ancient Emperor Bloodline. As long as it was awakened, regardless of whether it was Yuan Tao’s level of cultivation, his defense or speed, they would all rise exponentially.

This seemed to be the only plausible method for his strength to rise swiftly.

"But how can the Emperor Bloodline be awakened?"

The answer of his problem brought about another problem.

The Emperor Bloodline was a type of bloodline passed down from the ancient times and it was incomparably valuable. There were sporadic records of it and most of those who know of it only knew of its name. Most probably, there wasn’t a single person in Tianxuan Kingdom who knew how to awaken it.

"There are normally three methods to awaken a person’s unique constitution. Firstly, continue training the conventional method. Once one reaches a certain level, it is possible for their unique constitution to be awakened! This is the most reliable but lengthiest method. In fact, most people died even before they got a chance to awaken their potential! Secondly, one can also check the nature of the unique constitution and consume a pill corresponding to the attribute of the body. With powerful medicinal effects, there is a certain level of possibility for one to successfully awaken their unique constitution!"

"Thirdly, forcefully awakening one’s potential through special experiences, such as death or poison. There was an expert whose unique constitution awoke after his body was slashed over seventy times consecutively. There was also another one who, after being poisoned, bled from the seven apertures of his body. After losing his breath for three days, his unique constitution awoke and he successfully resurrected."

With a jolt in his mind, a book regarding unique constitutions floated into his mind and a few methods of awakening them were written on it.

After taking a look at it, dark lines appeared on Zhang Xuan’s face.

[The first and the second method is still acceptable, but what the heck is the third method?

Either death or poison? What if one fails to awaken their unique constitution after being consecutively stabbed seventy times or consuming lethal poison and bleeding from their seven apertures? If so, wouldn’t they really die for sure?]

"Looks like only the second method is viable!"

He rubbed his glabella.

The third method was definitely out of question. On the other hand, with only half a month, the first method could not be relied on either. After thinking about it, it seemed that only the second method was the feasible one.

"Since that’s the case, I should head over to the Apothecary Guild to take a look. Perhaps, I might find some suitable pills to awaken Yuan Tao’s Emperor Bloodline and Zhao Ya’s Pure Yin Body!"

Standing up, he walked out of the staff room.

If Zhao Ya and Yuan Tao were to awaken their unique constitutions, it was definite that their cultivation realm would soar.

Almost all of the occupations of the Upper Nine Paths have their own alliance organization, such as the Teacher Guild, Blacksmith and Appraiser Guild, Formation Master Guild, Beast Tamer Guild and such.

The apothecaries were no different as well.

As one of the unique occupations in the continent, even though apothecaries paled slightly in comparison to master teachers, they were still of esteemed standing and it was an occupation many looked forward to. After all, there wasn’t a single cultivator who didn’t want to break through his current realm, and didn’t get injured. Most of the time, a cultivator would require the help of an apothecary to solve these problems of theirs.

The pills that they forged boost the medicinal properties of the herbs, thus creating a greater effect on the cultivators.

That’s precisely the reason why the Apothecary Guild was extremely crowded. Every day, crowds of people would gather in there for inquiries and procurement of medicine.

Zhang Xuan’s previous self had never been there before. However, as one of the greatest power within the kingdom, he still knew the rough position of it.

After walking along the streets for an hour, he arrived at his destination.

A magnificent building, as though a massive church. A board hung on top of the entrance, and two majestic words were carved on it, Apothecary Guild!

Without much hesitation, Zhang Xuan walked in.

A vast lounge appeared before him the moment he entered. The interiors of the Apothecary Guild was bustling with people walking to and fro.

"I should either inquire with an apothecary or look up books on pills if I want to know what kinds of pills can awaken the Emperor Bloodline and Pure Yin Body!"

Zhang Xuan’s main goal for coming here was to look into this matter rather than to purchase pills. There were only two methods for him to fulfill his objective here.

However, he didn’t know a single person in the Apothecary Guild, and it wasn’t suitable for him to ask about it from others. In fact, even if he were to have an acquaintance here, it was unlikely for the other party to have heard of it! After all, Emperor Bloodline and Pure Yin Body were extremely rare constitutions.

On the other hand, looking for a specific information among countless books might be like searching for a needle in the middle of a deep ocean for the others, but for Zhang Xuan, who possesses the cheat known as the Library of Heaven’s Path, the situation was vastly different.

Thus, making up his mind, he walked forward to the reception of the Apothecary Guild.