Peerless Martial God – Chapter 1040


Peerless Martial God – Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040: Hunting

Lin Feng nodded. It was part of the exam to become an imperial cultivation disciple. If he encountered a cultivator at the top of the Tian Qi layer, he would be in mortal danger. There were also the imperial cultivation disciples who often came to practice.

Lin Feng took his foot away off his interlocutor’s arm. He was surprised and said, "Thank you."

"How many people did you kill so far?" asked Lin Feng.

"18." Lin Feng nodded. His interlocutor still had 12 people to kill before leaving. In Tiantai, there were 1000 candidates, all of whom had to kill a few dozen people. Maybe in the end, even less than 81 of them would make it out.

"Let’s stay together." said Lin Feng indifferently. That person frowned.

"You don’t want to?" that person suddenly looked scared. Nobody was nice there. If he didn’t obey, maybe Lin Feng would kill him.

"No, no, no problem. I’m staying with you." said Lin Feng’s interlocutor.

"Ah…" in the distance, someone gave a horrible shriek. It wasn’t far from them.

"Over there." said Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s new partner didn’t mind, Lin Feng seemed strong. Lin Feng was surprisingly kind too, he hadn’t killed him.

"Slash, slash…" they only walked a few meters before they heard another sound. Lin Feng stopped again and frowned.

"I feel like someone is watching us, I think someone is hunting us." said Lin Feng’s new partner. He seemed afraid. He was hunting others so far and now he had the sensation people were hunting him. The nightmare was starting.

However, Lin Feng remained silent and continued walking as if he had said nothing.

"He seems so relaxed." thought that person. The energies were getting even more intense.

"Slash!" At that moment, a sharp sound spread in the air.

"Boom!" Lin Feng raised his fist and punched the air, breaking the attack.

"Slash, slash!"

A flower appeared in front of him, and it looked strangely dangerous.

Lin Feng ran forwards and punched the air again. Someone fell down and blood splashed. That person was dead.

"He’s dead!" Lin Feng’s new partner was astonished and turned deathly pale. He hadn’t seen who had killed that person. He had probably sensed their Qi a moment before.

Lin Feng walked towards the corpse and turned it with his foot. That person’s throat had been slit by a sharp blade.

Lin Feng remained silent and continued walking. He was surrounded by a a pale white light and an ice-cold Qi. It looked like his body was covered with snowflakes.

"We can’t continue. It’s a dead end over there." said Lin Feng’s new partner. Lin Feng continued though.

"Come with me." said Lin Feng turning his head. His new partner kept shaking his head and said, "I can’t stay with you. I’m off. See you!"

Then, he turned around and ran away from Lin Feng.

"Come back!" shouted Lin Feng. However, the guy acted as if he hadn’t heard him and ran away.

"Slash!" a beam of light moved into the distance. Blood splashed and that guy collapsed.

"Hunters of darkness……" those were the guy’s last words. Even though Lin Feng said he could forgive him, he had ended up being hunted by someone else but…

There was nobody there.

There was seemingly nothing in that forest. Lin Feng didn’t see anyone. The energies he used to kill that guy illuminated the atmosphere for less than a millisecond, almost impossible to trace.

"Hunters of darkness!" whispered Lin Feng. In a flash, he had killed several people around him, but he hadn’t seen them.

Lin Feng had no choice but to be cruel in there.

He then continued walking calmly.

Lin Feng wasn’t shocked by death anymore. He had killed so many people in his life.

Snowflakes were floating around him.

Nothing could affect Lin Feng’s mood though. Snowflakes were floating around him and he felt calm and serene, as if he were strolling in a park.

"Slash!" An ice-cold light appeared.

"Bzzz!" At the same time, an empty space strength appeared too.

Sounds spread in the air. But Lin Feng wasn’t affected, he was hiding in his snow illusion.

"Boom boom!" Then, suddenly, his empty space illusion disappeared. Lin Feng, who had been calm, suddenly looked vigilant and released sword energies.


"Boom boom!"

Rumbling sounds spread in the air. An incredible quantity of sword energies invaded the atmosphere. At the same time, Lin Feng punched the air around him, but still couldn’t see anyone. He had to protect himself.

From the darkness, someone groaned with pain. There were other subtle sounds, and after a short time, it became calm again. There was absolutely no sound anymore.

Lin Feng was motionless and lowered his head. There was blood. Lin Feng frowned, he realized what had happened.

Hunters of darkness…! Shadows!

Lin Feng hadn’t seen anyone.

"Mister Kong!"

Lin Feng suddenly looked grave and solemn. He remembered the Yun Hai Sect and the old man in the mountains who had sacrificed himself to save Lin Feng.

Mister Kong’s spirit was a shadow. He could kill people without being seen, just like that person a moment ago. Maybe that person had a shadow spirit like Mister Kong.

Lin Feng signed and continued walking. That place was incredible!