Soul Land 3 – Chapter 1487


Soul Land 3 – Chapter 1487

Chapter 1487: Powerful Yuanen Yehui

The yellowish radiance spread outward in a spiral. It repelled the flames released by Chi Shanming. He wanted to retract his right fist which was firmly grasped by his opponent as if the grasp was cast in iron.

The terrifying yellowish radiance erupted at this instant. Yuanen Yehui took a step forward with her left foot. Her eight soul rings rose around her. She did not shout nor release any impressive aura. Instead, she made a simple push with her right arm.

Water and fire were merciless. Whether it was against water or fire, earth had a certain suppressive effect.

Yuanen Yehui’s main martial soul, the Titan Giant Ape, was highly resistant to fire. As a pure Strength System soul master, what was she most skilled at? It was close-quarter combat!

Her terrifying strength was her most powerful quality. Nobody expected her scrawny build to contain such terrifying and explosive strength.

The flames burned high, but Chi Shanming’s right fist was forcibly pushed back by Yuanen Yehui. His fist was pushed all the way back to his chest.

Her Cloud Vortex Divine Punch was not merely an offensive move. It also created a powerful repulsive force which repelled her enemies’ forces. A second vortex swirled within the larger vortex as she gathered her strength.

Tang Wulin had been improving and strengthening himself. There was no way his comrades were not improving themselves as well.

Her terrifying and explosive strength burst forth at this instant. A giant illusory shadow behind Yuanen Yehui disappeared as soon as it appeared.


His fire spirit was scattered and flames flew everywhere. Chi Shanming felt as if a giant column had rammed into his chest. While his sternum flared in pain, his battle armor was instantly unleashed as a reflex to the agony.

Although he was already a Title Douluo, he had yet to gather all the materials needed to make a three-word battle armor. He was still waiting for Soul Forged metals. Hence, his battle armor was still a two-word.

A battle armor’s instinct was to protect its master. It would appear of its own accord once it sensed that its soul master was injured.

However, Yuanen Yehui did not allow him the opportunity. A moment ago, Yuanen Yehui had just stood still. Currently, she moved with lightning speed. She retracted her right arm and pulled Chi Shanming toward her. At the same time, she dropped her shoulder and rammed it into Chi Shanming’s chest.

Simultaneously, she formed a fist with her left hand. The Cloud Vortex Divine Punch. She hurled it toward the ground.

Chi Shanming attempted to unleash his battle armor. At the same time, his seventh soul ring shone. The Fire Element Avatar.

Once he transformed into the fire element, the physical attacks would have limited effects on him.

However, just as he unleashed his seventh soul ring, an intense vibration came from under his feet. His soul skill which he had just mustered was inhibited by a wild spiraling force.

‘How’s this possible? He’s able to interrupt my seventh soul skill?’

For the first time, an uncontrollable fear appeared in Chi Shanming’s heart. At this moment, Yuanen Yehui’s shoulder rammed ferociously into his flaming chest.


Chi Shanming felt all his bones shatter. Blood sputtered out of his orifices instantly.

The crisp sounds of bones breaking could be heard coming from his chest. His right arm was also affected by the impact.

Yuanen Yehui only loosened her grip then. Meanwhile, she made a circle with her arms, and a powerful spiraling suction force was formed. She handled Chi Shanming’s body easily and held him before her, his flames included. In the next instant, she formed two fists with both her hands and hurled them out.

Chi Shanming’s two-word battle armor had just finished covering his body. In the next instant, Yuanen Yehui’s punches landed on his battle armor.


Chi Shanming transformed into a flaming cannonball. However, he was not shooting forth. Instead, he was reeling backward. He crashed onto the faraway protective barrier with a ferocious force. Light from the flames scattered everywhere.

His body rebounded and dropped on the ground. He was twitching, but he could not get up on his feet.

Obviously, the attack at this level was not sufficient to kill him. However, it immobilized him momentarily.

Just as Yuanen Yehui hurled her two punches, a set of glittering and translucent yellow boxing gloves appeared on her hands without anyone noticing. After she had sent her opponent flying, her boxing gloves were retracted. All her movements were as fluid as flowing water.

"Yuan Hui wins!" After a slight pause, the referee announced the outcome of the match.

Yuanen Yehui did not even give her opponent another glance. She turned around and walked down the stage. She did not make any celebratory action. She acted as if she had completed something insignificant.

It was only after she walked down the stage that the entire coliseum erupted into cheers.

Nobody expected a Title Douluo would be eliminated in the first match of the elimination round.

It was unbelievable. Moreover, the entire combat was so short. Chi Shanming did not even have the opportunity to unleash his most powerful soul skill when he lost the match.

How was this possible?

This thought was on the minds of the lay audience. As the saying went, the layman would look at the bustle, while the expert would watch the gateway. Some senior experts could naturally see how Chi Shanming had lost.

It was a humiliation for a Title Douluo to lose to a Soul Douluo. However, the level of the Soul Douluo was equally important.

If Chi Shanming were an elite soul master, his opponent would have been a genius, and a super genius to boot.

The reason why Chi Shanming lost badly was because did not take his opponent seriously enough. The biggest mistake he made was that he did not probe his opponent’s strength before making a move.

When one did not understand one’s opponent thoroughly, it was akin to exposing oneself completely before one’s opponent. As a controller of the fire element, had he used a long-range combat style, he would definitely not have lost this badly. At the very least, he would be able to unleash his combat strength. However, he chose to fight at close quarters. Without a doubt, his opponent was exceptionally gifted in close-quarter combat.

Even the senior experts who watched the match could not see what Yuanen Yehui’s martial soul was before the match ended.

Everything happened too quickly. It happened so fast that it was difficult for the eyes to catch up. Chi Shanming was completely suppressed. He did not even have the opportunity to unleash his explosive strength.

When Chi Shanming was supported off the ground by the referee, the deep dent on his two-word battle armor’s breastplate was clearly visible. Blood was still trickling out from his mouth and nostrils. It was evident that he suffered severe internal damage.

Currently, everything seemed illusory to Chi Shanming. He had lost without much ceremony. When his opponent’s fists landed on his body, he clearly felt his two-word battle armor’s defense being broken instantly. His opponent’s fists contained a terrifying strength that broke his defense like dried weeds and rotten wood. The swirling force could have torn his body to pieces. However, the force was retracted as soon as it was unleashed. Apparently, his opponent had held back. Otherwise, he reckoned that he would have died.

The opponent understood the Fist’s Consciousness, and even the Fistsoul! To think that he had fought at close-quarters with such an opponent. His opponent was definitely not a simple Soul Douluo.

Beside the bleachers, Tang Wulin stood up with a smile.

After watching the competition, nothing else in today’s matches would interest him.

Yuanen Yehui’s combat strength was more terrifying now. In truth, Yuanen Yehui’s soul power was no longer at rank-83. Although she was not a Title Douluo yet, Tang Wulin aside, her soul power was the most powerful among them.

The most important point was that Yuanen Yehui’s Cloud Vortex Divine Punch had an innate advantage. She had mastered it thoroughly. It seemed that she had a better understanding of her Titan Giant Ape’s Titan Divine Punch after she had described it to him the other day.

If it was a one-on-one without using any soul skills, Tang Wulin reckoned that it would not be an easy feat to defeat her. Yuanen Yehui was indeed powerful in terms of fists and kicks. When he was not around, she was the mainstay of the Shrek Seven Monsters.

With such an outcome in the first round, it undoubtedly brought a heat wave for the Joust For A Spouse Festival’s elimination rounds. It was an unbelievable situation. Just like that, a powerful soul master had lost, and he was a Title Douluo to boot!

Yuan Hui instantly became a popular contestant of the Joust For A Spouse Festival. The recording of this match was broadcasted by the various media channels. A number of experts were analyzing the battle and giving commentaries as they attempted to read more into the battle.

Through their research, they quickly noticed that Yuanen Yehui had only displayed few of her abilities, so few that it was shocking.

Her boxing gloves were assumed to be part of her three-word battle armor. That was how it contained such a powerful destructive force. Yuanen Yehui’s martial soul seemed to be of the earth-attribute and was likely a pure Strength System martial soul.

However, the data was not enough for the other participants. No one was willing to face such an opponent in the elimination rounds.

The comprehensive analysis of the various experts was that Yuanen Yehui’s overall strength was a Title Douluo’s. She was most likely a three-word battle armor master, and her boxing gloves were part of a three-word battle armor.